The Centre for Design Innovation is at the forefront of fundamental, strategic and transformative design research. Here you’ll discover our reports, publications, papers and other academic works from researchers across our Smart Products Engineering, Future Self Living Lab and Urban Design Architecture programs.

Book Chapters 

  • Mahmud, Abdullah, Kuys, Blair & Mubin, Omar 2018, ‘Quality assessment of industrial design curriculum. Discovering employability attributes from job advertisements’ in Ataur Rahman & Vojislav Ilic (eds.), Blended Learning in Engineering Education. Recent Developments in Curriculum, Assessment and Practice., CRC Press, Great Britain, pp. 149-157.

  • Gemser, Gerda, Kuys, Blair & Yom-Tov, Opher 2016, ‘Designing for Feasibility’ in Giulia Calabretta, Gerda Gemser & Ingo Karpen (eds.), Strategic Design Practices for Competitive Advantage, BIS Publishers, Building Het Sieraad Postjesweg 1 1057 DT Amsterdam The Netherlands, pp. 142-161.

  • Melles, Gavin, Kuys, Blair, Kapoor, Ajay, Rajanayagam, James & Thomas, Joseph et al. 2015, ‘Designing technology, services and systems for social impact in the developing world: strong sustainability required.’ in Amaresh Chakrabarti (ed.), ICoRD’15 - Research into Design Across Boundaries, vol. 2, Springer India, Bangalore, India, pp. 89-98.

  • Melles, Gavin, Thomas, Joseph, Kuys, Blair & Ranscombe, Charles 2015, ‘Social entrepreneurship with design in Southern India: Lessons for Australia.’ in Monto Mani & Prabhu Kandachar (eds.), Design for Sustainable Well-being and Empowerment, IISc Press, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India, pp. 551-560 Refereed.

  • Paay J., Sterling, L., Pedell, S., Vetere, F. and Howard, S. 2018: Interdisciplinary Design Teams Translating Ethnographic Field Data into Design Models: Communicating Ambiguous Concepts Using Quality Goals. In S. Goschnik (Ed.) Innovative Methods, User-Friendly Tools, Coding, and Design Approaches in People-Oriented Programming. IGI Global, Chapter 7, pp. 226-261. (60% personal contribution, 35 pages)

Journal Articles 

Fully Refereed Conference Proceedings 



  • Li, Sheng, Belleville, Benoit, Gutowski, Matthew, Kuys, Blair & Ozarska, Barbara 2018, ‘Achieving Long-Term Adhesion and Bondline Durability with difficult-to-bond Australian Hardwoods Species’, Proceedings of the 2018 Society of Wood Science and Technology/Japan Wood Research Society International Convention, pp. 414-419. 

  • Kotlarewski, Nathan, Kuys, Blair, Ozarska, Barbara & Holloway, Damien 2018, ‘Manipulating Papua New Guinea Balsa by Design for Acoustic Absorption in the Built Environment.’, Proceedings of the 2018 Society of Wood Science and Technology/Japan Wood Research Society International Convention, pp. 278-286 1. 

  • Soysa, Amani, Mahmud, Abdullah & Kuys, Blair 2018, ‘Co-designing Tablet Computer Applications with Sri Lankan Practitioners to Support Children with ASD’, Proceedings of the 17th ACM Conference on Interaction Design and Children, pp. 413- 419, doi:10.1145/3202185.3202764. 

  • Mahmud, Abdullah, Kuys, Blair & Mubin, Omar 2016, ‘Content Analysis of Australian Design Jobs to Improve Curriculum’, Proceedings of International Conference on Engineering Education and Research, pp. 16-25. 

  • Kuys, Blair & Zhang, Wen Wen 2016, ‘Elucidating perceptions of Australian and Chinese industrial design from the next generation of industrial designers’, DRS 2016. 50th Anniversary Conference, Brighton, UK., vol. 3, pp. 1163-1178. 

  • Kotlarewski, Nathan, Thong, Christine, Kuys, Blair & Danahay, Evan 2016, ‘Contrasting similarities and differences between academia and industry: evaluating processes used for product development’, vol. 6, pp. 2535-2550. 

  • Kuys, Blair & Kyriazis, Elias 2015, ‘It’s all about the money: Adding value to industry through industrial design-led innovations’, IASDR 2015 Interplay, pp. 1189-1205. 

  • Kotlarewski, Nathan, Thong, Christine & Kuys, Blair 2015, ‘Industry Feedback for Academic Product Development’, IASDR 2015 Interplay, pp. 1145-1161. 

  • Tekmen Araci, Yasemin & Kuys, Blair 2015, ‘Apprehending the barriers/blockers or promoters for increasing creativity in engineering education’, IASDR 2015 Interplay, pp. 2034-2048. 

  • Renda, Gianni & Kuys, Blair 2015, ‘Connectivism as a pedagogical model within Industrial Design education’, 1st International Design Technology Conference (DESTECH 2015), pp. 15-19. 

  • Renda, Gianni & Kuys, Blair 2014, ‘The Craftsman Versus the Maker: Tensions in Design Education’, ACUADS Conference 2014: The future of the discipline. 

  • Kuys, Blair, Usma-Alvarez, Clara & Ranscombe, Charles 2014, ‘Are you a designer or an engineer? We are both. An insight into Product Design Engineering through graduate reflection’, DRS 2014. Design’s Big Debates. Pushing the Boundaries of Design Research.

  • Kuys, Blair, Thong, Christine, Kotlarewski, Nathan & Thompson-Whiteside, Scott 2014, ‘Research-led practice in design research used to best demonstrate design theories’, DRS 2014. Design’s Big Debates. Pushing the Boundaries of Design Research, pp. 1395-1411.

  • Bruun, A., Jensen, R., Kjeldskov, J., Paay, J., Hansen, C., Sakacova, K., Larsen, K. 2020. Exploring the Non-Use of Mobile Devices in Families through Design Provocation. In Proc. DIS2020, ACM Press. (accepted) (20%, 10pp, CORE B)

  • Paay, J., Rogers, Y., (2019) The dark side of interaction design: Nudges, dark patterns and digital addiction panel presented at ozchi 2019. ACM International Conference Proceeding Series : 2. (50%pc, 4pp, CORE Australiasia) 

  • Paay, J., Kjeldskov, J., Sorensen, F., Jensen, T., Tirosh, O. 2019. Adaptive Digital Training Support for Weight Lifting: Designing and prototyping the Weight-Mate wearable training system. In Proc. 31st Australian Computer-Human Interaction Conference (OzCHI2019). (40%pc, 10pp, CORE Australasia)

  • Kjeldskov, J., Nilsson, A., Plejdrup, K., Pedersen, M., Paay, J. 2019. Spatial Mixer: Cross-Device Interaction for Music Mixing. In Proc. OzCHI2019. (20%pc, 10pp, CORE Australasia)

  • Paay, J., Engeler, B., Taylor, M., Day, K., Brereton, M., Rogers, Y. 2019. Wine and User Experience Design. In Proc. 31st Australian Computer-Human Interaction Conference (OzCHI2019). (accepted) (60%pc, 4pp, CORE Australasia) 

  • Davis, H., Paay, J., Kjeldskov, J., Dolejšová, M. 2018. On and Off the Table: Re-Imagining Food and Wine Interactions. In Proc. OzCHI2018. (40%pc, 4pp, 1cc, CORE Australasia) 

  • Paay J, Kjeldskov J., Larsen, H. H. and Nielsen, H. 2018. Happy Bits: Interactive Technologies Helping Young Adults Manage and Improve Low Self-Esteem. In Proc. Nordic conference on Human-computer interaction (NordiCHI2018). Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). (40%pc, 10pp)

  • De Kruiff, A., Paay, J., Marcello, F., Burry, J., Vincs, K. 2018. Virtual Pavilion. In Proc. 7th Mobile Innovation and Mobile Creativity symposium, Smart Storytelling. Swinburne University. Overview at: (10%pc, 2pp)(accepted on abstract)

  • De Kruiff, A., Marcello, F., Paay, J., Champion, E. and Burry, J. 2018. Learning from Lost Architecture: Immersive Experience and Cultural Experience as a New Historiography. In Proc. Annual Conference of Society of Architectural Historians, Australia and New Zealand (SAHANZ 2018). Wellington, New Zealand. pp. 113-126  
    (20%pc, 14pp)

  • Paay J., Bank, M., Aaen, I. 2017. Increasing Confidence through Competence in People with Dementia Through Meaningful Conversations. In Seemann, K and Barron, D. (Eds.). Design4Health, Melbourne. In Proc. Fourth International Conference on Design4Health 2017, pp. 175-178, Swinburne University of Technology. (60%pc, 1p)

  • Paay J., Kjeldskov, J., Brinthaparan, U., Lichon, L., Rasmussen, S., Srikandaraja, N. 2017. QuittyLink: Involving Smokers in the Design of Technology that Supports Individuals in Quitting. In Proc. Design4Health 2017, pp. 128-132, Swinburne University of Technology. (60%pc, 1p)

  • Paay J., Larsen, H., Nielsen, H. 2017. The SEE toolkit: How Young Adults Manage Low Self-esteem Using Personal Technologies. In Proc. Design4Health 2017, pp. 183-186, Swinburne University of Technology. (60%pc, 1p)

  • Paay J., Larsen, H., Nielsen, H. 2017. Interactive Technologies Helping Young Adults Manage Low Self-Esteem. In Proc. Design4Health 2017, (pp. 179-182), Swinburne University of Technology. (60%pc, 1p)               

  • Balanzategui, J., Golding, D., Paay, J. 2017. Genre in the Digital Age: Mapping the DNA of contemporary screen spectatorship. FAN Studies Network Australasia Conference 2017. Wollongong, Australia. Available at: 
    fsnfinalprogramweb.pdf (20%pc, 1pp)(accepted on abstract)

Non-Traditional Research Outputs

  • Report: Connory, Jane ; WhyHive ; 2021. Period Pride Report: Bloody Big Survey Findings - Australia’s largest survey on attitudes and experiences of periods, Share The Dignity: Period Pride survey (Jul 2021)
  • Curated Exhibition: Connory, Jane ; 2021. Sanitary Secrets: 100 pad ads in 100 years (Exhibition catalogue), Melbourne Design Week exhibition: BSIDE Gallery, Fitzroy VIC 3065, Australia, 27 March - 5 April 2021
  • Paay J., Marcello, F., De Kruiff, A. Italian Pavilion, 1937 Paris World Exposition – VR Experience of Innovation in Design, public exhibition during Melbourne Knowledge Week. (25% pc, Q3)

Feature publications

Book chapters

Conference papers

Journal articles


Feature publications


Book chapters

Journal articles

Fully refereed conference paper

  • M Muehlbauer, J Burry, A Song, (2020) An Aesthetic-Based Fitness Measure and a Framework for Guidance of Evolutionary Design in Architecture, International Conference on Computational intelligence in Music Sound, Art and Design (part of EvoStar) Springer, Cham. 134-149

  • Muehlbauer, Manuel, Song, Andy and Burry, Jane (2020) Smart Structures - A Generative Design Framework for Aesthetic Guidance in Structural Node Design - Application of Typogenetic Design for Custom-Optimisation of Structural Nodes, Werner, L and Koering, D (eds.), Anthropologic: Architecture and Fabrication in the cognitive age - Proceedings of the 38th eCAADe Conference - Volume 1, TU Berlin, Berlin, Germany, 16-18 September 2020, pp. 623-632

  • KR Baber, JR Burry, C Chen, JM Gattas, A Bukauskas, Inventory Constrained Funicular Modelling, Proceedings of IASS annual Symposia 2019 (5), 1-10

  • Marschall, Max and Burry, Jane (2019) Can the Use of Stochastic Models of Occupants' Environmental Control Behavior Influence Architectural Design Outcomes? - How field data can influence design outcomes, M. Haeusler, M. A. Schnabel, T. Fukuda (eds.), Intelligent & Informed - Proceedings of the 24th CAADRIA Conference - Volume 1, Victoria University of Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand, 15-18 April 2019, pp. 715-724

  • M Marshall, F. Tahmasebi, J Burry, Including Occupant Behavior in Building Simulation: Comparison of a Deterministic vs. a Stochastic Approach, Simulation Series, 51 (8), 185-188

  • M Marshall, J Burry, (2019) Adaptive occupancy scheduling: exploiting microclimate variations in buildings, Proceedings of the Symposium on Simulation for Architecture and Urban Design (SIMAUD)1-8.

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