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Public Lecture: A Shorter Working Week

Alice Martin, New Economics, (UK)

As part of a series of events focussed on a future vision for society, the Social Innovation Research Institute at Swinburne is proud to present a public lecture that aims to foster discussion on a change for social good, namely a shorter working week.

Alice Martin, Head of Work and Pay at New Economics Foundation, an organisation dedicated to transforming the economy for the good of people and the planet through rigorous research and community collaboration, will discuss the work currently underway at New Economics on achieving a shorter working week across Europe.

There is no natural law determining the amount of time we spend at work. History shows us that when people come together they can reduce the working week to provide more time for life – indeed that was how the weekend and the eight-hour day was won.

Today, arguments around reducing working time are highly relevant and automation has injected the debate with a new urgency. Obtaining shorter working hours without a loss in pay offers a way to tackle symptoms of overwork, providing people with more time to relax, to spend time with friends and family, to participate in democratic processes and to fulfil caring responsibilities.

Please join us.



Date: Tuesday 29 October
Time: 6:30pm-7:30pm
Location: Swinburne Advanced Technologies Building, ATC101 Lecture Theatre (Ground Floor), 427-451 Burwood Rd, Hawthorn, VIC
Fee: Free


About Alice


Alice Martin
Head of Work and Pay
New Economics Foundation

Alice is Head of Work and Pay at the New Economics Foundation, a UK think tank aimed at transforming the economy so it works for people and the planet. Alice leads projects on the future of work and trade unions and is an advisor to Autonomy - a new institute dedicated to these issues. She is writing a book on the need for revitalised trade unions in the 21st century for Polity Press and is a regular guest on the NEF Weekly Economics Podcast discussing the 4 Day Week campaign among other topics.

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