Community Mental Health and Wellbeing

Advocating for positive wellbeing in communities and workplaces in an increasingly digitised world.

In Australia, mental illness and disrupted wellbeing are leading contributors to the burden of disease. This research program is examining new determinants of distress in the context of societal and work disruptions in the global digital economy.

Led by Dr Stephanie Liddicoat, this research program is studying the structure of service systems and developing novel methods for engaging with people and communities to understand and address mental ill-health through prevention and early intervention.

Some areas of interest include:

  • Wellbeing at work - the role of organisations and government.
  • Decreasing inequalities in mental health and wellbeing between social groups at a community level.
  • Studying how technologies and humanity can work together to support mental health and wellbeing.

Current projects

Family life – Life without barriers: Doing better for vulnerable young parents and their babies in the digital age

Young mothers with a history of family difficulties, growing up in care and with multiple placement moves may find themselves without family or secure supports. They and their young children may be at risk of repeating history unless they receive vital support.

As social services are stretched to meet all needs, this project aims to explore what new strategies would appeal to these young parents whose lived experience makes them wary of the system, and how technology might allow resources to be applied more effectively.

Family Life, funded by the Victorian Government, is partnering with the Social Innovation Research Institute in a multi-disciplinary approach to generating solutions which embrace the context of the young parents lives, and empower them towards doing better so their children to grow up safe and well-supported by the community. Family Life’s partner, Life Without Barriers, serves vulnerable young people and parents throughout Australia and will work with Family Life to scale the project results for national impact.

  • Read the report on the APO website here.

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