Personalised health care

Improving health literacy and behaviour by people challenged with cancer.

The Iverson Health Innovation Research Institute and Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre are collaborating to identify and solve the health challenges faced by people with cancer.

This program aims to improve their health literacy and behaviours through personalised approaches, community engagement and supportive interventions.

The research will focus on:

  • understanding and addressing the behavioural needs of people with cancer to maximise self-care, survivorship and quality of life, while minimising unnecessary healthcare expenditure
  • assisting patients to make informed decisions within a shared patient-healthcare professional partnership environment
  • exploiting technological advancements that enable all patients, including those located in regional and remote locations, to access healthcare behaviour change interventions
Current projects

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Assisting patients to adhere to their prescribed medication regime is a key healthcare issue which can reduce avoidable healthcare expenditure.

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Exploring an alternative management strategy for low-risk prostate cancer patients.

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