Supporting chronic pain through R Tech

Research into reality modifying technologies (R Tech) and how these could be used as a diversion to biologically derived pain.

Emerging technologies capable of altering perceived reality – be they virtual, augmented or mixed – have established themselves as viable distraction tools for clinicians to support patients in attenuating the experience of pain.

‌Reality modifying technologies (R Tech) may be viable as diversions in rehabilitative therapy, reducing a patient’s experienced symptoms of biologically derived pain. Along with reducing transient pain, this approach has shown promise in expediting recovery times and improving overall patient experiences throughout their rehabilitation.

However, further research and development is required if R Tech is to evolve beyond distraction devices that temporarily reduce pain.

Working in collaboration with Medibank, Swinburne researchers are exploring the novel use and development of multimodal R Tech to move its use beyond mere diversion to aid patients living with chronic pain.

This R Tech research and development aims to harness the strengths of each reality-modifying medium and to identify mechanisms for attenuating pain, improving the patient recovery process, encouraging engagement in rehabilitation, and ultimately improving health outcomes.


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