Chronic disease and disability

Discover more about our four research projects in chronic disease and disability.

Our aim is to be locally and globally relevant across chronic disease and disability research. 

This research program focuses on:

  • ageing – maintaining physical and mental health (including cognitive decline and dementia)
  • obesity and obesity-related illness.
  • autism
  • hypertension
  • medication and lifestyle adherence
  • Indigenous health.
Current projects

Go to COVID-19 , health and wellbeing page COVID-19 , health and wellbeing

Find out more about, and participate in a survey to monitor health and wellbeing during COVID-19.

Go to Metabolism page Metabolism

Understanding the mechanisms of obesity-related diseases.

Go to Capillary and blood flow analysis page Capillary and blood flow analysis

Learn more about our research into automated capillary and blood flow analysis in microcirculation image data.

Go to Supporting chronic pain through R Tech page Supporting chronic pain through R Tech

Discover how research into reality modifying technologies (R Tech) could be used as a diversion to biologically derived pain.

Go to Autism page Autism

Discover more about our research into developing treatments to benefit those with Autism spectrum disorder.

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