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Leadership team

The Swinburne Professional senior leadership team is responsible for developing strategies to engage with organisations and working professionals.

Robert Chetwynd, Director, Swinburne ProfessionalRobert Chetwynd


Rob is a passionate and inclusive director, who applies a high level of business acumen to deliver on the vision for the Engagement sector of Swinburne.

Rob joined Swinburne in 2015 from the Australian Institute of Management where he was Head of Corporate Solutions.

Marion Ware, Head of Market Development and StrategyMarion Ware

Head of Market Development and Strategy

Marion is a qualified marketing professional with 15 years' combined experience in the customer services, automotive and hospitality industries. Marion develops, manages and implements sales and marketing strategies for key target industries of Swinburne Professional.‌

Richard Seddon, Head of Technical Solutions and FinanceRichard Seddon

Head of Technical Solutions and Finance

Richard is the Head of Technical Solutions and Finance at Swinburne Professional. Richard ensures that Swinburne Professional has the technical systems to ensure that clients learning needs are met in the effective and innovative ways.

Fiona Turner, Head of Operations & Customer DevelopmentFiona Turner

Head of Operations & Customer Development

Fiona is a pro-active and innovative manager with excellent interpersonal and communication skills which enable her to build strong working relationships with both internal and external stakeholders.

Peter Firth, Head of Business SolutionsPeter Firth

Head of Business Solutions

Peter is a proactive and results-orientated manager, that has a vast knowledge of market trends across a broad range of industries. He has a great ability to build and maintain strong relationships with internal and external stakeholders at all levels.

Jemma Soklev, Head of LearningJemma Soklev

Head of Learning

Jemma, and her team, create fast and flexible professional learning programs at Swinburne Professional. Her remit focusses on creating future ready professionals who can embrace the challenges that come with the future world of work and unlock the potential of Australian organisations.

Alex Di Nardo, ComplianceAlex Di Nardo


Alex is a passionate, dedicated professional with over eight years’ experience working within the education and training sector. Alex has been employed at Swinburne for five and a half years and throughout this time has worked in timetable and resource management, curriculum implementation and compliance.

Gurchet Singh, ComplianceGurchet Singh


Gurchet is the acting Compliance Manager for Swinburne Professional. Gurchet has worked as a facilitator, coach, lead assessor, and learning and compliance manager. He is an expert trainer and mentor with excellent organisational and project management skills. In his current role, he provides professional support and guidance across both consulting and public programs for Swinburne Professional.

Dr Justin Shimeld, Learning EngagementDr Justin Shimeld

Learning Engagement

Justin manages the processes, quality and integration of university systems for Swinburne Professional to enable and streamline program operations for students, staff and facilitators. Justin has worked in the education sector for 12 years, spanning projects in research, secondary and tertiary education.

Michelle Nulty, Customer DevelopmentMichelle Nulty

Customer Development

Michelle is an experienced professional with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education sector. She provides expert course advice for Swinburne Professional development options and oversees incoming prospective student enquires. She offers her expertise to collaborate with a wide number of internal stakeholders to achieve an exceptional student experience.

Mitchell Bailes, Customer RelationsMitchell Bailes

Customer Relations

Mitchell guides the customer relations for all public program courses at Swinburne Professional. He manages the customer experience team and maintains the day-to-day operations of student enrolments, on-campus training rooms and general student enquires. His passion to provide the best quality of service ensures the success for all the students while studying at Swinburne.

Pam Muthuarachchi, Business and Systems AnalysisPam Muthuarachchi

Business and Systems Analysis

Pam is a qualified IT professional with over 12 years’ combined local and international experience in education, banking and finance, retail and customer service. She ensures the smooth alignment between the business processes and the infrastructure of the current information systems that are owned and used by Swinburne Professional.

Simone Goodwin, Consulting ProjectsSimone Goodwin

Consulting Projects

Simone is the Project Team Manager at Swinburne Professional for all consulting work. Simone ensures the team delivers all projects on time, on budget and to a high quality for all our clients, and drives a culture of continuous improvement.

Vivian Yu, FinanceVivian Yu


Vivian thrives in her passion for delivering customer-focused services that consider stakeholder needs in accordance with organisational expectations. She manages daily finance operations to ensure data accuracy and integrity, and delivers financial analysis and reporting to stakeholders.