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  • Fluency, a startup co-founded by a Swinburne alum, is launching its first product suite aimed at streamlining manual documentation processes.
  • The software seamlessly integrates into workflows, capturing and translating actions into detailed, editable documentation, ensuring accuracy and consistency.
  • Backed by Swinburne's Innovation Studio and venture funding, Fluency exemplifies the university's commitment to nurturing talent and fostering innovative businesses.

Fluency, a software startup founded by Swinburne University of Technology alum Oliver Farnill and co-founder Finnlay Morcombe, has achieved a significant milestone on its journey to market success.

The company will officially reveal its first product offering at the Friends of Fluency Launch Night on 15 May 2024, surrounded by a community of supporters.

Fluency offers businesses an automated solution to streamline manual documentation processes – helping them cut costs, enhance compliance and save time.

"At Fluency, we've developed a solution that seamlessly integrates into your workflow, capturing and translating your actions into detailed, editable documentation," explains Oliver, Fluency’s co-founder, and COO.

“Our technology learns from your process, ensuring that the generated documentation is not only accurate but also consistent with your business's style guide.”

Since its inception in early 2023 – when Farnill was a Swinburne engineering student – Fluency has generated strong market interest. Several companies are currently trialling the software and moving towards full implementation.

What’s more, the company has become an inspiring example for other student founders developing Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms.

From idea to market, via Swinburne Innovation Studio

Co-founders Oliver and Finnlay began their entrepreneurial journey by participating in the Swinburne Innovation Studio's Pre-Accelerator Program. Over the course of six weeks, they diligently developed their startup, focusing on customer insights, business validation and constructing a minimum viable product through workshops.

The program culminated in a pitch event, where the duo presented their startup to a panel of judges. Their hard work paid off, as they took home the Best Pitch Award.

Fluency's momentum grew as the co-founders advanced through the Swinburne Accelerator Program, a three-month intensive schedule of seminars and mentoring aimed at getting startups investment ready. At the culmination of the program, Fluency won the 2023 People's Choice Award for their pitch.

Five startups at the 2023 Swinburne Accelerator Program Pitch Night.  

Investing in innovation

Today, Fluency's partnership with Swinburne Innovation Studio continues to deepen, providing ongoing support for the company's expansion.

Fluency’s transition to a venture-funded growth stage company was backed by Swinburne Ventures Limited. This financial support has empowered the startup to refine its innovative technology and grow its team.

Dr Werner van der Merwe, Vice President of Innovation and Enterprise, says the investment in Fluency highlights the distinctive nature of Swinburne's startup programs, and the university’s commitment to nurturing talent and fostering the growth of innovative businesses.

“Swinburne doesn’t just fund the Accelerator program, we invest in it,” says Dr van der Merwe.

“We invest in the companies that will bring our research to market, we invest in ourselves to better understand how to operate in a commercial world, and we invest in the people who will go on to create a better world.”

Director of Commercial Innovation at Swinburne Abhay Seth says the Innovation Studio's startup programs are a catalyst, open to the whole Swinburne community.

“Similar to our friends at Fluency, if you're brimming with ideas and eager to turn them into a startup reality, the Swinburne Innovation Studio is your go-to,” he says.

“We're here to empower aspiring founders by connecting them with relevant content, opportunities and networks in the vibrant startup community, both locally and internationally.”

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