In summary

  • Quitch, spearheaded by Dr Grainne Oates, has evolved from a startup to a venture-funded powerhouse, underscoring its unwavering commitment to pioneering innovation and excellence 

  • With its core mission to enrich student engagement and amplify learning outcomes, Quitch has emerged as a beacon of entrepreneurial triumph within the Swinburne community

  • Swinburne's supportive ecosystem has played a pivotal role in Quitch's journey, furnishing essential resources and mentorship crucial for its growth and expansion in the education sector 

In the dynamic landscape of innovation, few stories captivate as profoundly as that of Quitch – a home-grown startup born from the visionary mind of Swinburne Associate Professor in Accounting, Dr Grainne Oates. From its humble beginnings, Quitch has emerged as a beacon of success, transitioning from an early-stage startup to a venture-funded powerhouse, marking a significant milestone in its journey. 

Founded by Dr Oates, who is also a Swinburne alum, Quitch has undergone a remarkable transformation since its inception. With a mission to revolutionise education through technology, Quitch has developed cutting-edge solutions to enhance student engagement and learning outcomes. Quitch offers learners gamified learning platforms, personalised feedback, AI content generation, and real-time analytics, revolutionising education and improving learning outcomes worldwide. 

Quitch’s emergence as a home-grown powerhouse helps cement Swinburne as the premier university in Australia for entrepreneurship and innovation. The continued success of Quitch shows Swinburne to be at the cutting edge of commercialisation of internal IP, and that the university can grow its own talent and businesses. 

The recent transition of Quitch into the venture-funded growth stage is a testament to its unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence. This evolution signifies not only financial support, but also investors’ profound belief in Quitch's potential to revolutionise the education sector. 

A significant boost from Swinburne Ventures Limited (SVL), for example, has fuelled research and development efforts to enhance the platform’s AI capabilities and expanding data analytics functionality. 

Quitch's growth trajectory has also been marked by recognition and expansion. Notably, Quitch was honoured as a finalist in the Victorian International Education Awards 2023, a testament to its contribution to the international education sector. 

Quitch has also established strategic partnerships with prominent professional bodies, such as CPA Australia, CPA Ireland, and the largest peak-body in the world AICPA-CIMA. These collaborations have led to groundbreaking initiatives like the Quitch Global Accounting Competition and the National Accounting Competition Ireland, showcasing Quitch's commitment to transforming education through innovative learning experiences.

Reflecting on Quitch's remarkable growth, Dr Oates said, "Quitch's transition from concept to venture-funded success reflects the collaborative effort and dedication of our team. We're grateful and excited to continue making a positive impact in education."  

Central to Quitch's success story is Swinburne's nurturing innovation ecosystem, providing the necessary resources, mentorship and community support. This entrepreneurial environment has enabled Quitch to flourish and expand its impact on education. 

"Being a part of Swinburne's entrepreneurial culture has been instrumental in shaping Quitch's journey. The supportive environment and resources provided have empowered us to innovate fearlessly, driving our vision to revolutionise education through technology,” said Dr Oates.

“Quitch will help take Swinburne global – opening new markets, new organisations and new students, and I look forward to being a part of that.”

As Quitch continues to soar to new heights, the future holds boundless opportunities for innovation and growth. With a solid foundation and leadership team, Quitch is poised to redefine the future of education. 

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