In summary

  • A total of 10 diverse projects have been awarded Adobe Innovation Grants and Curriculum Innovation Program

  • These projects represent a diverse range of teaching and learning approaches and collaborations dedicated to improving the digital literacy of our students. 

  • Swinburne is proudly Australia’s first Adobe Creative Campus

Swinburne University of Technology recently announced recipients of the new Adobe Innovation Grants (AIG) and Curriculum Innovation Program (CIP) for Semester 1 2024. 

“As Australia’s first Adobe Creative Campus, this partnership expands opportunities for our students to become digitally fluent, building their ability to use technology and data to collaborate and be digital creators, not just consumers,” says Swinburne Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Education, Experience and Employability, Professor Laura-Anne Bull.

The 10 projects represent a diverse range of teaching approaches and collaborations dedicated to improving the digital literacy of students.

“We recently developed a brand-new digital literacies program offering, the Rapid Incubator for Swinburne Educators (RISE) with an AIG stream. RISE is designed to empower educators to solve learning and teaching problems at the unit level,” Professor Bull said.

AIG recipients will learn to use data to understand their students, explore ways of embedding digital fluency in diverse ways, as well as design solutions using the Adobe Creative Cloud Pro suite.  

The successful recipients are:

Recipient(s) Project title  Project description
Professor Sunil Bhar Simulated objective structured clinical exams
The project aims to develop students’ competency in delivering a diagnostic interview in clinical setting using Adobe Express video
Dr Jack Parry Synergetic creative unity – real and artificial intelligence working together The project focuses on using Adobe Firefly as a collaborator in the creative process, visualising ideation outputs and iterating throughout the design process
James Berrett
Artificial intelligence as an enabling tool for immersive experience design
The project aims to explore the use of Adobe Firefly for students to be able to quickly ideate and iterate immersive experience concepts visually without being limited by their design skills
Dr Bita Zaferanloo, Associate Professor Caslon Chua and Dr Carolyn Beasley Bridging STEM and Communication: A transformative approach to holistic skill development Using Adobe Audition and fostering inter-disciplinary collaboration between STEM and communication students, the project aims to support students to solve real-world problems across disciplinary contexts
Dr Kyle Moore Visualising data literacy: Creating data stories
The project focuses on using the new tools in Adobe Express to create custom templates that can be shared with collaborating educators and students to develop new ways of communicating ideas and the outcomes of learning
Professor Helana Scheepers and Dr Reet Kaur Unlocking the assessment black box  This project aims to boost student engagement in assessment for learning using the Adobe suite

The Curriculum Innovation Program aims to embed digital literacies into learning design and assessment at the course or major level, in collaboration with teaching teams. This is done by using Design Thinking processes to create a collective vision for digital fluency and undertake learner journey mapping to ensure learning progression across the entire course.

The successful recipients are:

Recipient(s) Project title Project description
Dr Sarah Barradell, Associate Professor Megan Dalton, Associate Professor Leo Ng, Dr Andisheh Bastoni and Dr Beatriz Oliveira Developing evaluative judgement in entre-level physiotherapy students The project focuses on using the Adobe suite for students to curate professional digital work and communicate their reflections on evaluative judgment and showcase professional capabilities in physiotherapy
Professor Jun Zhang and Yicun Tian Revolutionising assessment: Utilising Adobe tool to address the impact of GenAI in education The project focuses on developing assessment methods across cybersecurity that foster critical thinking capabilities using the Adobe suite
Dr Ali Al-Rubaie Swinburne brain imaging podcasts The project aims to use Adobe Audition to transform assessment outcomes across neuroscience  
Dr Emma Fisher, Emily Wright, Dr Adam Walker and Dr Alison Kruiff Portfolio literacy scaffolding in design The project focuses on the development of an employment portfolio, with curated learning outcomes from Capstone assessment outcomes

All grant recipients are focusing on embedding digital literacies using the Adobe Creative Cloud suite, fostering digital literacy and enhancing teaching and learning. Recipients will receive funding as individuals and teams, and will have access to support from Adobe and the Learning Transformations team, including an expert team of learning designers to bring their projects to life.

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