In summary

  • Swinburne University of Technology is partnering with multinational technology company Oracle.

  • This collaboration places an emphasis on offering students authentic industry experiences through learning content and skills that enhance their employability

  • Students will obtain digital badges that they can display on professional platforms, including LinkedIn and other social media profiles.

Swinburne University of Technology is excited to be partnering with multinational computer technology company, Oracle, to provide Swinburne School of Business, Law, and Entrepreneurship students with valuable industry interactions.

As just the second Australian institution to partner with Oracle, Swinburne students gain exclusive access to complimentary cloud-based Business Process Training in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Human Capital Management (HCM) and Customer Experience (CX) modules, with a specific focus on disciplines including Accounting, Marketing, HR, and Supply Chain courses. 

Creating meaningful experiences for students

Chair, Department of Accounting, Economics and Finance Associate Professor Reza Tajaddini says this partnership will offer students real-world experiences.

“This collaboration is crucial as it aligns with our strategic vision of offering students authentic experiences, imparting technological knowledge and nurturing invaluable industry connections.

“This partnership ensures that our students gain invaluable industry exposure, making them industry-ready and equipped to tackle the challenges of tomorrow.”

Upon successful completion of each module, students will obtain digital badge, allowing them to display their accomplishments on professional platforms, including LinkedIn and other social media profiles. 

For students seeking further recognition, the completion of all modules within a specific domain opens the door to enrolling and attaining official Oracle certification.

Meeting industry demands through collaboration

Senior Solutions Consultant at Oracle Kaushika Jayalath says this initiative is an example of how Oracle caters to a university's strategic direction beyond the traditional modes of engagement.

"Oracle believes in being a strategic partner for success, as opposed to being 'just another technology vendor'. With the current digital skills shortage, we believe that Oracle has a role to play in creating avenues for industry engagement and enabling the digital skills necessary to improve graduate employability."

Associate Professor Tajaddini says partnering with Oracle aligns with the commitment to innovation and provides our students with access to cutting-edge technologies and industry expertise, in alignment moonshots outlined in Swinburne's horizon 2025 strategy.

“Through this collaboration, we are not just creating students who are educated, we are nurturing professionals who are truly industry-savvy. This partnership with Oracle is a significant step forward in our journey to redefine education and industry collaboration, offering our students unparalleled opportunities for growth and success.”

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