In summary

  • Swinburne has partnered with Twynam’s Earth Fund, an international venture capital fund
  • The partnership will drive research commercialisation, growing Swinburne’s globally connected innovation ecosystem
  • Together, the partners will focus on co-creating innovative decarbonisation solutions

Swinburne University of Technology has partnered with international venture capital fund Twynam Earth Fund to drive the commercialisation of decarbonisation research, accelerating the university’s real-world research impact.

The fund is dedicated to investing in decarbonisation technology with the aim to empower game-changing climate tech companies on a global scale.

Through this partnership, Swinburne’s researchers will connect with early stage, venture-backed businesses working in the decarbonisation ecosystem who need their technical expertise, co-create new ventures to commercialise research, and grow the commercial innovation skill base.

Swinburne’s Vice President of Innovation and Enterprise, Dr Werner van der Merwe, said Twynam's Earth Fund aligns with the university’s passion for sustainability and dedication to achieving a carbon neutral world by 2050 or earlier.

“Through this unique collaboration, we’re pioneering a new path for our cutting-edge research and technology ventures to create a sustainable future,” Dr van der Merwe said.

"By pairing our capabilities in sustainable materials, clean energy, hydrogen, the circular economy and smart energy management with Twynam’s investment expertise, we can fundamentally increase the impact of decarbonisation technologies.”

Accelerating research impact

Swinburne’s partnership with Twynam’s Earth Fund will accelerate the real-world impact of the university’s world-leading decarbonisation and climate change research.

The partnership will offer a unique, impact-driven alternative to the typical research commercialisation pipeline.

In addition to developing IP portfolios, licencing to industry partners and spinning out startups, this partnership will inject Swinburne’s researchers into the heart of high-growth early-stage companies, so their expertise can be leveraged in market sooner. 

The partnership will also support strategic linkages in the decarbonisation ecosystem – such as sourcing founders, commercialisation opportunities and early-stage investments – and will continue to build Swinburne’s capabilities in the early-stage company and venture capital area.

“Our partnership with a climate venture fund heralds a bold new approach to sustainability impact by a university focused on addressing global challenges,” Swinburne’s Head of Commercialisation – Innovative Planet, Roni Habbal, said.

“Together, we’ll co-create innovative decarbonisation solutions vital for our planet.”

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