In summary

  • Swinburne has launched a paid cadetship for women with industry partner Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • The new diploma pays students to work for AWS three days a week, while studying part-time two days a week
  • The program encourages more women to pursue STEM careers and tackles the high demand for cloud computing specialists


Becoming job-ready while studying at Swinburne University of Technology has been given a new definition with the launch of a paid cadetship with industry partner Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The Women in STEM Diploma of Applied Technologies – Cloud Technologies, offers 20 students employment with AWS three days a week, while studying part-time at Swinburne two days a week, to earn their qualification.

It is the first program of its kind at Swinburne and is delivering on the university’s 2025 moonshots by supporting students to get paid work experience while demonstrating best global practices and delivering AWS with a technical solution. 

Bringing people and technology together

Demand for cloud computing specialists has never been higher as it is an integral part of the daily operations for almost all businesses across the world now. The need for such expertise has been driven even higher by the impact of the global pandemic. 

The combination of hands-on experience and learning about the applications of cloud computing makes valuable candidates for technology industry employers like AWS, who will recruit high performers from this course for ongoing employment.

A game-changing program to encourage women in STEM

After upskilling herself through several digital courses, student Katya Zaytseva was approached by an Amazon Early Career Talent recruiter on LinkedIn about applying for the program.

“I found that the criteria for entering the program aligned with my ambitions. It was targeting women who wanted to establish themselves as leaders and are ready to continue developing their technological skills,” Zaytseva said.

Pictured: Women In STEM Diploma of Applied Technologies – Cloud Technologies student Katya Zaytseva

“I was always curious about what was happening on the other side of my computer and I had always put that learning on the back burner. Being given the opportunity to learn on the job has allowed me to roll up my sleeves and dive into the Matrix,” she jokes. 

Zaytseva shares how she feels privileged to be supported by Amazon mentors, trainers, workers as well as Swinburne teachers throughout her course, allowing her to re-enter the workforce after having children.

“For me, a significant benefit is that the program has helped me transition back to work after having children. The program isn’t only about becoming technically savvy and developing necessary skills for the workforce; it’s about personal growth, finding a niche and boosting confidence too, so I can’t express enough the joy I am receiving from it.”

“Swinburne sharpens our tools and prepares us for challenges while Amazon provides the resources and platforms to master skills” – Swinburne student and cadet Katya Zaytseva.

Zaytseva’s ambition for the end of her studies is to become a qualified Cloud Support Engineer and a Quality Champion.

She encourages anyone who wasn’t successful with applying to the program to continue trying and cites the humble beginnings, resilience and tenacity of many successful global founders getting to where they are now.

“Participating in this diploma has been an exceptionally rewarding educational experience. I love the applicability of everything I’m learning and have confidence knowing I will have the necessary skills for the career I want once I complete my studies.”

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