In summary

  • When coming to the end of her 12-month placement at Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, Francesca Franich landed a permanent role as a Marketing Coordinator
  • In this role, Miss Franich utilised skills from her degree and continued studying
  • Having completed her degree in December, she is excited to continue her role at the company as a graduate

When Francesca Franich’s 12 month paid placement with Bendigo and Adelaide Bank was coming to an end in mid-2021, she knew she didn’t want the valuable experience to end. After a position becoming available and discussion with her manager around Francesca’s performance and the value she’s added, Francesca was offered a permanent role. 

‘I was very excited to be able to stay, not only at the bank, but with the team I’m in. I’m very proud of myself knowing that the hard work I put in throughout my placement didn’t go unnoticed,’ says Miss Franich. 

Faced with the reality that the end of her placement meant she would have to take a break from the industry or study full time to complete her degree, Miss Franich completed units during the summer and online to juggle working full time. Restrictions from COVID-19 also provided her with much needed flexibility.

‘Though the COVID-19 lockdowns were not ideal, they prevented me from getting distracted. I was able to work and study from home. This meant doing four units whilst working, and though it was stressful, it was a lot easier being able to just log in on a lunch break or straight after work.‘

Having graduated from the Bachelor of Media and Communication (Professional) majoring in Public Relations and minoring in Marketing at Swinburne’s December 2021 graduation ceremony, Miss Franich is looking forward to continuing her role as a Marketing Coordinator of Third Party Banking in 2022.

‘I’m looking forward to spending time with my family more, going into the office to enjoy my role, and relishing in the delight that I’m doing a job that I studied for and not worrying about an assignment being due!’

Industry edge

Day to day, Miss Franich liaises with business stakeholders on projects, executes communications, creates LinkedIn content and constructs marketing briefs, in addition to growing her industry skills in areas such as website content management. 

Miss Franich says her degree taught her skills that helped her to succeed in her placement, such as teamwork and public speaking. 

‘As much as most students dislike them, group assignments definitely help in the long run. Learning to work with different personalities and working styles cohesively is a great insight into how it is to work with other people in different areas. 

‘In addition, I’ve found Marketing involves quite a bit of presenting. This wasn’t and isn’t my favourite thing to do, but because of the practice I had throughout university, I was able to take part in a presentation to some of our executives last year as part of a digital marketing course we were offered, and totally smashed it!’

Volunteering for new tasks is Miss Franich’s biggest advice to future placement students, noting that it helps to network, find your passions and indicate areas for growth. 

‘Putting your hand up for things can help you to stand out and make a name for yourself as someone who is willing to try their best – it can’t hurt to have a reputation for that.’

‘If you’re thinking of doing a placement but unsure whether it’s worth it or not, I highly recommend it! Even if I didn’t end up with a permanent role at the end of my placement, I wouldn’t regret it.’

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