In summary

  • Swinburne’s Vice-Chancellor and President, Professor Pascale Quester is pleased to officially welcome back all fully vaccinated Swinburne students and staff 
  • All facilities at Hawthorn, Croydon and Wantirna are open – including the library, StudentHQ and Latelabs 
  • Exciting upgrades are happening across Swinburne’s campuses 

We’re back! All facilities and spaces at our Hawthorn, Wantirna and Croydon campuses (including our libraries, studentHQ and Latelabs) are now open for fully vaccinated students and staff. So if you’re fully vaccinated and you need to switch up your study or workspace, you can. 

Vice-Chancellor and President Professor Pascale Quester is enjoying being back on campus. Here, she shares a ‘welcome back’ message along with what’s she’s missed and what she’s looking forward to. 

How does it feel to be back on campus?   

It is fantastic to be back. I have never seen the campus busy, having started at Swinburne during lockdown in 2020 with only short spurts between lockdowns in 2021. Being back on campus feels like a new adventure, and I can’t wait to see more of our team and students return.  

What’s the one thing you missed the most about being on campus?  

I missed the energy and the sense of community you get from being on campus. We are a university – based on ideas and thoughtful debate, but first and foremost a community of people who share in the belief that education and research are vital pursuits. Nothing is better than building knowledge and sharing it, together. And to be able to do that in person provides a greater feeling of impact. 

Our Hawthorn, Croydon and Wantirna campuses are open for fully vaccinated students and staff. 

What has changed since you were last here?   

We are investing in our campuses. There is new street art to see (with more to come), the Aunty Dot flowering gardens and our great tech and VET spaces. Our campuses are transforming for the better and it is great to see that happening in real life. 

Have you had any in-person meetings yet?   

Yes! While we must wear our face masks while indoors, I am lucky to be able to have meetings on a balcony, while walking, or sitting on one of our outdoor benches. We have also been embracing our hybrid ways of working, adapting to a mix of online and in-person meetings. This is where the best of people and technology can come together, and we are supportive of that working and learning environment. 

Glenferrie Road is home to boutiques, bookstores, cafés, and restaurants that cover almost every cuisine you can imagine.  

What’s first on your list of Glenferrie Road lunches and coffees?  

I am still discovering the area so could not yet identify my favourite place for my morning coffee – we are spoiled for choice at Swinburne! I am open to suggestions... 

What are you most looking forward to in 2022?  

I am so looking forward to Swinburne making great strides in our Horizon 2025 strategy. We have much to do to bring people and technology together for a better world. I have great confidence that we can do that with energy and enthusiasm. Together we can build Swinburne as a prototype for a new kind of university. 

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