In summary

  • Maddie McNab graduated from Swinburne’s Bachelor of Business in 2019 and has founded luxury robe company, Robed
  • Ms McNab had the idea for Robed on study exchange at the University of Cincinnati in the US where she wanted ‘a statement robe’ to wear in shared dorm rooms
  • Robed has been worn by celebrities including Khloe Kardashian and Delilah Bell 

Just ten months after launching, Swinburne graduate Maddie McNab’s luxury robe business, Robed, is attracting attention from around the world. 

The luxury sheer, organza silk robes have featured in the Daily Mail.  They’ve been endorsed by celebrities like influencer Delilah Belle and entrepreneur Yris Palmer, and shared with Khloe Kardashian’s 188m followers on Instagram, resulting in a spike in sales in the United States.

‘I reached out to Khloe Kardashian’s stylist Janelle and she came back to me letting me know that Khloe was obsessed and would love them all! I was on the phone to my grandma when Janelle’s email came through and we both started crying happy tears!,’ Ms McNab says. 

Nurturing an entrepreneurial spirit 

Ms McNab graduated from Swinburne’s Bachelor of Business with a major in International Business and minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation in 2019. 

’I didn’t know what I wanted to do apart from being my own boss one day, and I loved what Swinburne was offering when no other courses really drew me in.’

Ms McNab’s enjoyed her time at Swinburne, particularly the opportunity to go on exchange to the University of Cincinnati in the United States in 2018. It when she was in the US that she began searching for a robe to wear while living in a shared dorm room. 

Rather than ‘the big, cozy, grandma type’, she wanted something to make a statement. Unable to find a full-length robe made of luxurious material for less than $1,000, she began brainstorming the business concept for Robed with her two design student sisters.

During COVID-19 lockdowns in 2020, Ms McNab put her plan into action and launched Robed in December. 

Robed aims to allow women of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds to feel confident 

Empowering every body

Robed is ‘designed for extra girls, with extra length to make an extra entrance’. 

Ms McNab says she doesn’t just want to grow the brand. She is on a mission to support every woman and create opportunities for them to feel empowered. 

‘Society makes too many comparisons and judgements around women. We should be embracing one another and celebrating every body type, every background and see the beauty in everyone’s uniqueness.’

Ms McNab’s hard work and business skills have contributed to her significant success in pitching to stylists, celebrities and influencers and gaining exposure. 

In the future, Ms McNab hopes to expand Robed to become even more inclusive and is currently working on the launch of new products. 

‘Follow your gut’ is her biggest learning from Swinburne.

‘I am so grateful for Swinburne, ultimately leading me overseas and inspiring my business idea, which in turn is allowing me to do something I love and enjoy everyday!’

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