In summary

  • VET ICT partnerships are providing students with real-world experience.
  • Courses are delivered in collaboration with our industry partners to include work placement and internship opportunities.
  • This supports our 2025 vision, ensuring that every Swinburne learner gets a work experience.

Swinburne Information Communications Technology (ICT) partnerships are providing students with a world-class, immersive and truly next_gen learning opportunity that empowers graduates to be career-ready.

Partnerships with JB Hi-Fi solutions, Two Bulls and Two Moos are upgrading the Vocational Education & Training (VET) experience and contributing to Swinburne’s Horizon 2025 strategy by offering co-designed courses with input from our industry partners.

They exemplify the university’s first 2025 moon shot: every Swinburne learner gets a work experience.

Offering VET students a next_gen learning experience

Delivered in collaboration with our industry partners, Swinburne’s co-designed ICT courses include industry projects, presentations, workshops, work placement and internship opportunities. This industry immersion reflects the essence of VET and is helping to create industry-ready learners that are problem solvers and innovators.

Certificate IV and Diploma in Digital and Interactive Games student Rachel Doody says the partnerships provide an invaluable learning experience.

‘It is an amazing experience to work in a professional studio environment with a team of students from different courses and backgrounds,’ says Doody.

Students have the opportunity to meet experienced professionals and apply their tips during their learning experience.

Benefiting our students as well as our industry partners

Students create prototypes or solutions to real world industry problems, guided and mentored by industry specialists in their field. The result is a more dynamic and impactful student experience.

‘I believe studying at Swinburne to be an invaluable learning experience,’ says Certificate IV in Cyber Networking student Feysel Reshed.

‘It is an excellent opportunity to gain real world experience working in the cyber security industry, but most satisfying of all was working with a team as a group and getting immense help and encouragement from staff.’

These unique learning experiences leave graduates skilled enough to enter the workforce with highly regarded skills and knowledge.

Industry partners are also benefitting by having access to our highly skilled and industry-ready graduates upon completion of their learning.

Learn more about our Horizon 2025 strategy, including our commitment to ensuring that every Swinburne learner gets a work experience.

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