In summary

  • Swinburne launches a new brand campaign featuring seven recent graduates
  • Outdoor advertising includes QR codes and digital advertising links to the graduates’ LinkedIn profiles
  • The campaign reinforces Swinburne's commitment to helping graduates get jobs by connecting them digitally with potential employers

As part of a bold new brand campaign, Swinburne is showing its commitment to going beyond delivering job-ready graduates. The university is supporting recent graduates to get jobs by featuring them in outdoor and digital advertising. 

Mithila Hasija, Jeremy Diolle, Cassandra Binns and four other graduates appeared on bus and tram stops, before the campaign went digital – appearing across social media platforms.  

These graduates excelled in their studies and made the most of the opportunities to build employability skills and capabilities, for example through work experience, peer mentoring, part-time work in their field and more. 

Now, they’re ready to kickstart graduate careers. 

The ad campaign, created with Deloitte Digital, shows prospective students how Swinburne prepares students for their professional futures and careers. It also demonstrates how we’re bringing people and technology together to innovatively help our graduates get jobs

Each ad includes a QR code or link on a Swinburne diploma that will lead the viewer (and potential employers) directly to the graduate’s LinkedIn profile. The graduates curated their LinkedIn CVs with support from our employability staff and the use of Vmock – AI technology that can be used to analyse and improve your LinkedIn profile, free for all Swinburne tertiary students to access (vocational edcuation students have access to CV360 for resume feedback).  

Meet our graduates

Mithila Hasija completed her Master of Science (Biotechnology) in 2020.

Mithila Hasija

Mithila has wanted to be a renowned scientist ever since she was young and has been working hard towards that goal. 

She completed her undergraduate degree in India and built her first-hand experience with project management, manufacturing processes, product development, supply chain and operations management in Sri Lanka – most recently as a senior merchandiser at leading apparel manufacturing firm, Brandix. 

For Mathila, her dream of being a scientist never went away and so she enrolled in a Master of Science (Biotechnology) at Swinburne. 

“If you give your 100 per cent to your dreams and goals, university will provide you with many opportunities to create your own story in your own way,” Mathila says.

While at Swinburne, Mithila was recognised as an Emerging Leader for her work as a student mentor, peer support and volunteer at O’Week and for workshops.  

“The Swinburne Careers and Employability team supported me to create my LinkedIn profile and to create a resume matching with current professional standards,” Mathila says.

“I also had the opportunity to participate in the ANSTO Synchrotron 2017 three-day workshop. I was able to gain knowledge on many novel research ideas related to life sciences and various other areas, and I believe this experience helped me see a possible future.”

Mithila is looking to establish a career in science, drawing on her skills in biotechnology, microbiology, food science, chemistry or pharmaceutical research. Visit her LinkedIn.

Jeremy Diolle completed his Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in 2020.

Jeremy Diolle

Jeremy has been working on multimillion-dollar projects since graduating with an Advanced Diploma of Engineering in robotics and mechatronics. He could be found working on commercial swimming pools and hydraulics for local councils and high-rise apartments. 

When Jeremy wanted to advance his career in engineering, he returned to Swinburne to study a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) with a focus on mechanical engineering.  He graduated in 2020 having networked with employers across industries. 

“Joining Swinburne’s Engineering Student Society (SESS) was highly beneficial as it allowed me to more easily transition between my degree and career,” Jeremy says. 

“I was provided with information about upcoming opportunities in the engineering field. I hosted industry nights in AMDC and brought together guest speakers from multiple industries, which allowed myself and other students to network with various industry professionals.” 

Jeremy is passionate about designing solutions to engineering challenges and specialising in CAD and CAE packages. He is currently seeking graduate opportunities to kickstart a career in rail, construction, project engineering or consulting. Visit his LinkedIn.

Cassandra Binns completed her Bachelor of Media and Communications / Bachelor of Business in 2020.

Cassandra Binns

Cassandra always had an interest in marketing and communications, but she discovered her love for branding and digital marketing at Swinburne. She wants to work with clients – something she got to do in a capstone unit in her double degree in media and communications (majoring in public relations) and business (majoring in marketing). 

In her final year, Cassandra had the opportunity to work with a real-world client, the Charles Bonnet Syndrome Foundation, to improve awareness and create an online community for the foundation. 

Also on her CV is a Dean’s Outstanding Achievement Scholarship she received in 2017 and a membership to the Golden Key International Honour Society. 

While she studied, Cassandra worked part-time as a marketing assistant and client experience officer at health clinic, Boost Health Collective, where she assisted with the planning and execution of marketing campaigns, created marketing content and maintained social media platforms – but she also built those real-work skills in class. 

“I have taken part in courses such as ‘Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation’, which taught me how to be confident in my decision-making,” she says. 

“We were given hypothetical circumstances and encouraged to be creative with our ideas and solutions.” 

Cassandra is looking for opportunities in digital marketing. She’d love to work in an up-and-coming company where she could play a hands-on role in creating a unique and successful brand. Visit her LinkedIn

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