In summary

  • New data from the government-funded Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching survey program puts Swinburne in equal first place in Victoria for the ‘entire education experience’ for undergraduate students
  • Swinburne also ranked a close second in quality of teaching and maintained strong results across skills development and student support
  • Employer satisfaction survey data put Swinburne equal fourth across all public universities in Australia, with over 90 per cent satisfaction for collaborative, adaptive and technical graduate capabilities

A new government-funded survey has revealed Swinburne University of Technology was rated equal first among Victorian universities for providing the best ‘entire educational experience’ for undergraduate students in 2020. Close to 73 per cent of undergraduate students reported having a positive educational experience in 2020, more than seven per cent higher than the Victorian average.

For postgraduate students, Swinburne offered the highest reported quality of teaching at 80.9 per cent.

Students at Swinburne have now reported a better educational experience and higher quality of teaching than the Victorian and national averages across the past three years, both at an undergraduate and postgraduate level.

The 2020 Student Experience Survey, led by the federal government’s Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching program, focuses on aspects of the student experience that are measurable, linked with learning and development outcomes, and potentially able to be influenced by institutions.

In a challenging year where many universities reported double-digit drops in student experience, Swinburne maintained an 80 per cent satisfaction rate with skills development and maintained strong levels of satisfaction with student support.

Producing job-ready graduates

The 2020 Employer Satisfaction Survey also showed that Swinburne graduates are highly prized by employers.

Across a broad range of skills categories, Swinburne was rated equal fourth out of 37 public universities nationally for overall employer satisfaction, with a close to 88 per cent satisfaction rate, well above the university average of 84.6 per cent.

Employers also reported satisfaction scores of more than 90 per cent for collaborative, adaptive and technical skills, which includes the effective use of technology, the ability to develop innovative ideas and using research skills to gather evidence. 

The 2020 Employer Satisfaction Survey measures employer views of the attributes of recent graduates from Australian higher education.

The survey represents the largest survey of its kind, reporting the views of 3,430 employers about the attributes of recent graduates from Australian higher education institutions including universities and non-university higher education institutions.

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