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  • Public Relations and Marketing student, Francesca Franich is currently undertaking a 12-month professional placement with Bendigo and Adelaide Bank.
  • As part of her placement, Francesca works in the Third Party Banking Marketing team as well as working on marketing activities for Community Bank at Swinburne.

Only a few months into her placement with Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, Public Relations and Marketing student, Francesca Franich, already says this has been the best part of her studies so far.

Francesca, the second student to undertake a 12-month paid placement as part of the Community Bank Swinburne initiative, is working as a marketing coordinator as part of her professional degree. Natalie Collett, Swinburne’s first student to take on the experience has now successfully completed her placement and has moved into an ongoing role at the bank.

As part of her placement, Francesca has been working on marketing activities for Community Bank Swinburne. This has involved coordinating seminars and writing content for a range of newsletters and platforms, as well as being a student representative on the Community Bank Swinburne Advisory Board.

Her work in the Third Party Banking marketing team includes curating content for the Adelaide Bank LinkedIn page as well as learning the ins and outs of setting up a marketing campaign.

“I feel as though I have learnt so much in such a small amount of time and have been given so many opportunities here already I can tell this experience will be extremely valuable,” says Francesca.

Although Francesca has been working from home since the start of her placement, this hasn’t stopped her colleagues and the bank from making her feel welcomed and valued during this time.

“Everyone I work with wants to see me excel and help this experience be meaningful, which has created an amazing environment for me to be able to grow, build upon and apply what I have learnt in the classroom to real-world marketing projects.”

The placement has given Francesca a better understanding of what her career path might look like, confirming that a marketing career is something she is passionate about and would like to pursue.

“The work I have been fortunate enough to do as part of this placement is something I look forward to everyday. It has allowed me to be creative and has confirmed for me that after my time with Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, I would love to pursue a career in marketing.”

Francesca is very grateful to Bendigo and Adelaide Bank for providing her with this amazing opportunity.

 “I am excited for the remainder of my placement and look forward to learning as much as I can.”

PR and Marketing student Francesca Franich shares the highlights of her professional placement experience at Bendigo Bank.

Community Bank Swinburne

In 2019, Swinburne partnered with Bendigo Bank to launch Community Bank Swinburne.

Profits from Community Bank Swinburne support the Swinburne community in a variety of ways, including support for students and clubs, scholarships, research funding and other projects.

Community Bank Swinburne recently welcomed Rosanna Miguel as the new University Relationship Manager. Ms Miguel is passionate about helping customers. From home loans to credit cards and everything in between – Ms Miguel prides herself in making everything easy.

To find out more about Community Bank Swinburne, please contact Rosanna:

Ph: 0419 665 601


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