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  • Bachelor of Arts student, Sophie Evans, reflects on her experience as a Professional Placement student.
  • Sophie shares her role as Social Media Executive after being an intern as part of a 12-month placement in partnership with Hotglue.

Acing the algorithms alongside her studies, Swinburne student, Sophie Evans, shares a screenshot of her time as an intern at the fast-growing media and digital content production agency, Hotglue.

As part of Swinburne’s Work Integrated Learning initiative, Sophie honed in on her writing and production skills as she took part in a 12-month Professional Placement.

Managing content for Hotglue’s beauty portfolio, Sophie who is currently undertaking her fourth year in a Bachelor of Arts (Professional), developed her craftsmanship in copywriting and editing amongst her scope of social media management.

“I've always been interested in advertising from a creative perspective, and I saw that the services Hotglue offer are key skills that a modern magazine editor must have,” shares Sophie.

Behind the screens

Working behind the scenes Sophie’s involvement at Hotglue enabled her to bring her talent to the table in projects including a revamp of the company’s social media accounts such as their Instagram and industry blog.

“The accounts were pretty dormant when I got there so I enjoyed envisaging what it could look like and what content I thought would be good to include,” says Sophie.

Hotglue’s Social and Content Manager, Beatrix Fisher, mentors Sophie through collaboration to strengthen her industry knowledge | Hotglue. 

Whilst strengthening professional connections and building industry knowledge, Sophie also developed her skills in creating an online personality for the brand and incorporated stylistic flare to upcoming content enabling her to gain confidence in the workforce.

“It was eye-opening to see the effort that goes into social media management from the backend to bring everything together. I was a bit of a fish out of water with some things when I first arrived but everyone was really helpful when I was unsure,” says Sophie.

Swiping ahead

Strategising future social media productions and making moves to unfold her future in the advertising industry, Sophie has continued her professional relationship with Hotglue as their Social Media Executive.

With plans to graduate in 2021, Sophie aspires to explore her options internationally and develop her freelance writing career in Europe to work in magazine publishing. 

To follow Sophie’s future work find her on LinkedIn.

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