In Summary

  • David Reid was awarded a Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning at the 2019 Australian Awards for University Teaching
  • His capstone unit engages students with the advertising industry over the course of a semester
  • He is supporting his students in their transition to remote learning

After his capstone unit was nationally recognised earlier this year, advertising lecturer David Reid is transitioning his students to remote learning while looking to the future of the advertising industry in the face of COVID-19.

In February, Mr Reid was one of two Swinburne staff awarded a Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning at the 2019 Australian Awards for University Teaching. 

He was recognised for his work instigating the Advertising Capstone Challenge Australia that on completion places talented, motivated nearly graduates at the forefront of industry recruitment processes.

“It’s taken years to develop this capstone to such a high standard and this citation is recognition that all of our hard work has really been beneficial to student learning. I’m very excited about that,” Mr Reid.

The capstone activity runs in the second semester of each year and in 2019 attracted big name agency DDB Sydney, and their client, McDonald's Australia.

Advertising students from Swinburne, the University of Queensland and Western Sydney University competed in the challenge for the opportunity to pitch their advertising campaign solution to a panel of McDonald's Australia and DDB Sydney. 

David Reid gives an overview of the 2019 Advertising Capstone Challenge.

Moving to online teaching

Having first introduced a version of the capstone unit for Open Universities Australia several years ago, Mr Reid is well versed in online delivery and has found the transition to remote teaching during the COVID-19 situation to be smooth.

“You certainly have to take on new approaches and make sure it’s all very engaging. I’ve just come back from parental leave, but so far the response from students has been good,” he says.

“I’m making myself available to them, so anyone who wants to connect, can connect with me virtually.”

He points out that students are usually quick to adapt to new technologies.

“Students are usually on top of technology and are quick to learn new systems. Once they’re across it, they become very confident, very quickly. Sometimes they’re even reminding me of errors, which is quite lovely actually.”

Looking to the future

In case our current lockdown continues into next semester, Mr Reid is already planning how the advertising capstone challenge would continue in the virtual world.

“We’re hoping to set up a ‘virtual café’ that will have a guest speaker each week, like we usually do on campus. This virtual café will be made available for students participating from the three universities at the same time,” he says.

Through the 12 weeks of semester there will be engagement with industry, giving students the chance to further understand the industry and learn what opportunities are out there.

“Each week will give students a chance to deep dive into the industry and understand what is necessary to succeed in today’s industry.”