In Summary

  • Risk mitigation and safety measures have been put in place to allow Phase 3 Diploma of Nursing students complete their final assessments on campus
  • Once the students complete their final assessment, they can proceed to their final clinical placement and qualify
  • These nursing students will join the workforce at a time of need created by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

To support the increased need for healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic, Swinburne has put risk mitigation and safety measures in place to allow a cohort of our Diploma of Nursing students to come on campus and complete their qualifications. This will allow them to enter the workforce without delay.

Swinburne’s Diploma of Nursing program is a nationally accredited course that teaches the essential skills and knowledge required to work in a variety of healthcare settings. The diploma is taught at our Wantirna campus and graduates become qualified enrolled nurses.

Joining the workforce at a time of need

One cohort of Diploma of Nursing students was close to completing its nursing qualifications, but measures put in place by the university in response to the COVID-19 situation meant that they could not complete their practical assessments as originally planned.

“This is the final calculations exam which would enable them to proceed onto their last clinical placement,” explains Rachel Gilder, course coordinator for the Diploma of Nursing.

“After completing this four-week placement, these students will be eligible to register as enrolled nurses, which is extremely important as it means they can enter the workforce in a time of great need,” Ms Gilder adds.

Risk assessments were carried out to identify any potential risks to students and staff coming on campus. These risks were then mitigated through introducing strict hygiene and social distancing measures, which are enforced at all times.

Additionally, the cohort of students were split into small groups with each group allowed on campus for one to two days, depending on the assessments required.

These group sessions will progress throughout April and May to ensure all students can complete their qualifications as planned.

Supporting our students

The students have responded positively to this move and say they are looking forward to joining the healthcare workforce during this time of need.

“I really appreciate the support I've received to go forward in my studies. The on-site campus days allow me to complete the assessments required for my placement and I am now on track to finish my course as planned,” says Diploma of Nursing student, Brianna Lawson.

Another student, Juliet Fischer, echoes this sentiment, saying: “The current situation has proven challenging in terms of managing assignment deadlines and learning clinical skills vital for being eligible for placement. However, the support and availability of the Swinburne nursing staff has been so great that I am nowhere near as stressed as I thought I would be."

Ms Fischer adds: “I still feel capable of reaching my goal to join the workforce as soon as possible by keeping on track and completing my course on time”.

Phase 3 Diploma of Nursing student, Lys Paspa, is grateful to be able to complete her course as planned and start contributing to the workforce

Transitioning to a remote classroom

Nursing student, Ana Stipancevic commends Swinburne for continuing to support its students during this transition.

“The university's staff created a great way for us to learn online, have access to resources to study from home and remain in contact through emails or video classes and to receive the best support,” she says.

Ms Stipancevic adds: “I really appreciate what the university has done for us students, in particular the teaching staff who have been extremely understanding and have supported the nursing students to help us succeed. Thank you for the hard work and effort put in to help us achieve a great education and the opportunity to help others.”

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