In Summary

  • Jack Paxton studied a Bachelor of Commerce (Entrepreneurship and Innovation) at Swinburne before moving to Los Angeles, California
  • The Swinburne graduate is the founder of two digital marketing startups
  • Jack believes that pursuing a career he loves has been the key to his success

After completing a Bachelor of Commerce (Entrepreneurship and Innovation) at Swinburne, digital marketer Jack Paxton moved to one of the innovation hubs of the world – Los Angeles, California.

Currently operating two digital marketing companies – Top Growth Marketing and Vyper – Jack describes himself as lucky enough to have found what he loves doing.

Top Growth Marketing provide customer acquisition solutions for scaling businesses, while Vyper specialises in media marketing software to help businesses grow.

“Loving what you do makes a huge difference throughout your career,” he says.

“It's really important to try a number of roles before you find what you enjoy and would be happy to do without getting paid. For me, the people I meet and the brands I help grow generates a lot of passion.”

A global experience

After taking full advantage of Swinburne’s study abroad program with trips to China and the United States, Jack says he felt even more confident to make the move to Los Angeles to “create, build and manage these companies.”

“Swinburne provided amazing opportunities that definitely helped shape my career,” Jack says.

“I was able to study abroad and build industry experience through a challenging but amazing internship program.”

Swinburne graduate Jack Paxton makes waves in Los Angeles’ digital industry Making the most of his Swinburne experience has paid off for digital marketer Jack Paxton.

Ready to make an impact in a digital economy

By enrolling in one of Swinburne’s entrepreneurship and innovation courses, Jack found himself at the epicentre of Swinburne’s expertise, which meant that he was able to successfully bring his ideas to life.

“I used to build little landing pages and websites and try and spin some profits through third-party offers and deals, but I soon learned that scaling to millions of people was actually possible, which meant bigger dollars,” he says.

“I don’t think I even realised at the time that the skills and experience I was acquiring from the entrepreneurship and innovation course were so vital. I would not have been able to start my digital marketing companies without the business, finance and industry learnings I received in the course.”

In a world where the demand for digital marketing skills outstrips supply, Jack is passionate about seeing brands reach their full potential.

“The pace of change and growth within the digital marketing industry keeps me motivated. The opportunity that this creates is exciting. There are always new skills, strategies, and technologies to learn,” Jack says.