In Summary

  • Dr Jeremy Nguyen and the Learning and Academic Skills Centre (LAS) Drop-in Hub recognised for outstanding contributions to student learning
  • Dr Nguyen and the LAS Drop-in Hub among 61 university teachers and teams to receive citations at the 2018 Australian Awards for University teaching

Swinburne has been recognised for its significant efforts to support student learning at Australia’s highest awards for university teaching.

Dr Jeremy Nguyen, from the Faculty of Business and Law, and the Learning and Academic Skills Centre (LAS) Drop-in Hub have both received Citations for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning through the 2018 Australian Awards for University Teaching, run by Universities Australia.

“These national awards recognise the exemplary work being done at Swinburne to support student learning outcomes and enhance the student experience,” says Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic), Professor Duncan Bentley.

Citations for 2018 were awarded to individuals and teams who contributed to the quality of student learning in a specific area of responsibility over a sustained period.

Dr Nguyen was recognised for his innovative teaching, transforming his lectures into workshops in which students attempt curated, collaborative, problem-solving challenges that inspire them to discover threshold concepts of economics for themselves.

“My teaching method was focussed on how I think so many of us prefer to learn; it's actually really fun to get stuck into a good puzzle, especially when you know that the solution is going to have a clever twist or insight,” says Dr Nguyen.

Senior lecturer at Swinburne Business School Dr Jeremy Nguyen.

Dr Jeremy Nguyen was awarded a citation for his innovative teaching.

The LAS Drop-in Hub, which includes Dr Elena Verezub, Dr Stephen Price, Ms Kathryn Wallace and Dr Elena Sinchenko, was recognised for developing a service that delivers timely learning enrichment opportunities co-created with students and their peers, bringing academic, personal, social and professional benefits to students.

“The LAS Drop-in Hub is an essential element of student engagement outside of the classroom, and we are very proud to be recognised at the national level,” says Dr Elena Verezub from the LAS Drop-in Hub.

4 Learning and Academic Skills Centre staff members.

LAS Drop-in Hub staff, Dr Elena Sinchenko, Dr Elena Verezub, Dr Stephen Price and Ms Kathryn Wallace (L-R), will continue to provide oustanding service to Swinburne students and contribue to developing future-ready learners. 

Established in 1997, the Australian Awards for University Teaching celebrate and reward excellence in student teaching. Recipients, with the support of their institutions, further contribute to systemic change in learning and teaching through ongoing sharing of ideas and knowledge.

“With only 61 Citations awarded nationally, this prestigious recognition is a testament to the quality teaching and student support being delivered to our students,” says Professor Bentley.