In Summary

  • International film festival will explore mobile filmmaking and the future of storytelling
  • Festival runs from 15–16 November

An international smartphone film festival to be held at Swinburne will explore mobile filmmaking and the future of storytelling.

Hosted by Swinburne’s Social Innovation Research Institute in partnership with the Mobile Innovation Network & Association (MINA), the festival is the longest running festival dedicated to mobile filmmaking and covers two days of events from 15–16 November.

Festival founder and Swinburne Film and Television Senior Lecturer, Dr Max Schleser, says that 2018 has been a banner year for smartphone filmmaking as the medium continues to gain traction in the mainstream. 

“2018 was another breakthrough year for smartphone filmmaking. Steven Soderbergh’s film Unsane took smartphone filmmaking to the box office, while we will see more and more mobile, pocket and smartphones films being produced by Hollywood producers, directors and film crews,” says Dr Schleser.

“MINA showcases the alternative space for smartphone filmmaking.”

What is MINA?

MINA is an international collective of smartphone filmmakers creating a community for smartphone creatives and makers.

Founded in 2011 by Dr Schleser, MINA celebrates and explores mobile filmmaking as an accessible and progressive means for storytelling, particularly in emerging augmented reality, virtual reality and 360° formats. Creativity is key says Dr Schleser.

“Creativity is the currency to continuously redefine smartphone filmmaking aesthetics and their focus on personal storytelling. We are happy for filmmakers to expand on formats, break the known rules and support creative experimentation,” he says.

“The symposium will explore novel forms and new formats of non-fiction and documentary relating to community engagement and creative transformations.”

Smart Storytelling Symposium

Led by an international industry panel, the symposium on 15 November will examine disruptive mobile technologies and the implications for reshaping the screen-based practices of storytelling.

“Smart Storytelling leverages contemporary digital transformations in screen production, digital media and the creative Arts,” says Dr Schleser.

“The last five years have seen intense investment from technology giants such as Adobe, Alphabet, Apple and Facebook into AR, MR and VR as connectivity hubs in the mediascape.”

Smartphone Film Screening at Swinburne

As part of the festival, the International Mobile, Pocket and Smartphone Film Screening on 16 November will showcase mobile-shot and edited pieces of work ranging from experimental screen productions, cinematic VR to moving-image arts.  

For further program information, see 8th International Mobile Innovation Screening 2018