In Summary

  • Graphene+ 2018 conference included discussion of future applications of Graphene
  • Professor Bronwyn Fox spoke about Swinburne’s capabilities for translational industrial research in Graphene
  • Swinburne hosted a roundtable discussion on Australia’s graphene industry following the conference

Graphene will play a role in the development, innovation and commercialisation of the materials of the future, participants at the Graphene+ 2018 conference have heard.

Entrepreneurs, investors, engineers, scientists, executives and political leaders attended the conference to discuss the future of graphene and the various applications for the unique material.

Foundation Director of Swinburne’s Manufacturing Futures Research Institute, Professor Bronwyn Fox, addressed the conference, drawing upon over two decades’ experience in composites and advanced manufacturing.

Professor Fox spoke about the challenging automation processes associated with the construction and curing of composite structures.

“We’re doing everything here at Swinburne from the very fundamental research right through to the translational industrial research in Graphene,” Professor Fox says.

“And I can’t think of any other university in the world that has that entire spectrum of activity supported by industry.”

Graphene roundtable discussion

Graphene roundtable discussion
Professor Bronwyn Fox chaired the roundtable discussion with industry experts, hosted at Swinburne.

Following the Graphene+ conference a roundtable discussion on the opportunities, challenges and barriers to Australia’s graphene industry was hosted at Swinburne.

The roundtable saw a general consensus from all participants to commit to assisting with the creation of a roadmap focused on graphene enabled technology in Australia.

“The roadmap will highlight export opportunities with technology readiness levels and manufacturing readiness levels and conduct a value chain analysis,” Professor Fox said.

“Initial product development opportunities were discussed and it was decided that we should engage with industrial design students to develop these ideas further.”

Professor Fox chaired the discussion, joined by a number of international and Australian industry experts.

Graphene Supply Chain CRC-P

Under the Australian Government’s Collaborative Research Centres Programme, Swinburne researchers have partnered with industry to develop graphene to the point where it can meet strict quality assurances and be adopted into large-scale manufacturing.

The initiative, located in Swinburne’s Advanced Manufacturing and Design Centre, ensures replicability and quality assurance within manufacturing supply chains that use graphene, with support from partners including Imagine Intelligent Materials.

Graphene materials are characterised, tested and certified, providing supply chain partners with confidence when manufacturing with graphene.

Professor Fox is also on the foundation board of directors of the Australian Graphene Industry Association (AGIA). The Graphene+ 2018 conference was presented by AGIA with support from the Victorian Government.

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