In Summary

  • International, migrant and rural students will attend their first AFL game
  • The students will learn about the game before the bounce from Swinburne’s partner, Richmond Football Club

A group of international, migrant and rural Swinburne students will attend their first AFL match between Swinburne’s partner the Richmond Football Club and St Kilda on Saturday 26 May.

In partnership with Richmond, more than 50 students will travel together to the club’s Swinburne Centre at Punt Road Oval, where they will have the chance to learn the basics of the game before the bounce.

The aim of the My First Footy Experience program is to introduce students from a range of backgrounds to AFL and give them the chance to connect with their peers socially and culturally outside of university.

Acting Vice-President of Students, Ms Sarah Graham, says this experience will give students the opportunity to engage in a new community.

“We’re excited to facilitate these students attending their first AFL match and hope they’ll enjoy the day of being fully immersed in the Melbourne footy culture.”

“We’re grateful to our partner Richmond for welcoming our students into their community and giving them the chance to go behind the scenes of the club,” Ms Graham says.

Cheering for Richmond

Margaret Wambui Ngugi, an international student from Kenya studying a double degree in aviation management and business, says she’s looking forward to going to her first AFL game.

“It’s a great opportunity to learn something new and it will be fun to go the game surrounded by people who really love it,” Ms Ngugi says.

Badar Juma Said Al Badri, an international student from Oman studying a foundation year in science and engineering, says he’s excited to learn more about the iconic Australian sport.

“This will be my first AFL game and I can’t wait to see what it’s all about. I haven’t chosen a team yet, but I’ll definitely be cheering for Richmond this weekend,” Mr Badri says.

Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator at Richmond Football Club, Rana Hussain, says sport is a great connector that unites people under their team’s colours.

“Sport is a common language and everyone is equal on the field. AFL is such an exhilarating game that no matter who you are, anyone can enjoy the spectacle,” Ms Hussain says.

“At Richmond, we welcome people from everywhere to join our community, learn about the game and enjoy this great sport.”