In Summary

  • Resynth is a new music puzzle game inspired by synaesthesia and created by a Swinburne academic
  • Resynth began as a prototype as part of Andrew Trevillian’s PhD  
  • Throughout development it was nominated for several awards 

Inspired by the phenomenon of synaesthesia, a new music puzzle game created by a Swinburne academic has been released for iPhone and iPad. 

Resynth began life as a PhD prototype for Swinburne Games and Interactivity Lecturer Andrew Trevillian as part of an exploration of the theories surrounding synaesthesia in relation to game design. 

“Synaesthesia is characterised by the involuntary correlation of one sensory input to feedback from another,” says Mr Trevillian. 

“For a synesthete, hearing a particular sound might invoke a particular colour, and letters or numbers might carry visual or auditory associations. 

“Artists and musicians throughout history have experimented with correlating sensory information, trying to find new ways to surprise, stimulate and engage.” 

Mr Trevillian developed a series of prototypes drawing on this history, and while Resynth began as one of these prototypes, it was clear to him that it had potential beyond research. The full version of the game came to be developed by Mr Trevillian and Sam Izzo at Polyphonic LP.   

Players solve music-based puzzles described as a ‘synesthetic experience’ in which they hear the puzzle, see the beats and feel their way through the soundscape. 

Screenshots from mobile game Resynth.

“We want the player to feel like they’re playing an instrument as much as a game.” 

“It’s been really rewarding to observe people play at the conventions and events where we’ve shown it. Heads bobbing to the beat, immersed in the playful act of exploring the soundscapes we’ve created.” 

Throughout its development, Resynth has been nominated for several awards including: 

  • Finalist in Indie Prize Showcase Asia in the Indie Prize 2017 at Casual Connect Asia
  • Finalist in Excellence in Design in the AGDA Awards 2016 at the Australian Game Developer Awards
  • Finalist in Across the Ditch Award at the Play by Play Festival 2017

Resynth is available now for iPhone and iPad through Apple’s App Store