In Summary

  • Over 130 prizes were awarded for the 2016 academic year.
  • Prizes recognise outstanding academic performance in the Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology, Faculty of Business and Law, and Faculty of Health, Arts and Design.

Three prize ceremonies have acknowledged Swinburne’s most dedicated and high-achieving students.

The ceremonies recognised excellence in the Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology (FSET); Faculty of Business and Law (FBL); and Faculty of Health, Arts and Design (FHAD).

Throughout 2017, over 130 prizes funded by alumni, organisations, professional bodies, staff and friends of Swinburne have been presented to students.

The prizes, awarded retrospectively each year, provide valuable encouragement and recognition for outstanding academic performance.

Highlights from the 2017 ceremonies include:

Faculty of Health, Arts and Design

Adrian Murphy Student Prize

Swinburne staff members Dr Carolyn Beasley and Professor Josie Arnold established the Adrian Murphy Student Prize in recognition of an inspiring individual who passed away. The prize recognises the highest achieving vocational education student who has successfully enrolled in a bachelor degree, majoring in writing.

The 2017 Adrian Murphy Student Prize was awarded to Diploma of Professional Writing and Editing student Lynette Zelenkovic.

“Vocational Education (VE) writing courses are fantastic. They produce extremely talented writers, so we knew that creating a prize for a VE student would encourage them to keep creating and expanding their abilities” says Dr Beasley.

Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology


PACCAR is a global leader in the design, manufacture and customer support of high-quality premium trucks. PACCAR supports two prizes in recognition of the highest performing student in Leadership and Mentoring of Formula SAE and the highest performing student in Design Excellence of Formula SAE.

Mechanical Engineering graduate Manjula Gallella was one of the recipients of the 2017 PACCAR Prize.

"Receiving the PACCAR prize was a great honour and gave me real encouragement. I would like to thank PACCAR for this generous donation. Also, a special thanks to my colleagues at Formula SAE and my project supervisors, without whom none of this work would be possible,” says Mr Gallella.

Faculty of Business and Law

CPA Australia Prizes

CPA Australia supported three prizes in recognition of students in accounting. The three winners of the CPA Prizes were first year accounting student Katrina Schmidt, second year accounting student Millie Kate Mertz and third year accounting student Momir Rudic.

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