In Summary

  • Australia Post commissioned Dani Poon to design stamps for each Lunar New Year
  • This year the stamps are based on the Year of the Rooster


Swinburne graduate Dani Poon has collaborated with Australia Post to design a series of stamps that reflect the Year of the Rooster in recognition of the Lunar New Year, beginning on Saturday January 28.

Dani used paper-cut motifs, which are a form of Chinese art to create the rooster in the $1 stamp. The $3 stamp features the Chinese calligraphic character for the rooster.

“The Chinese assign the Rooster as a proverbial mascot to the five virtues – civil responsibility, marital fidelity, courage, kindness and confidence,” Dani says.

“The puffed-up chest of the Rooster in the $1 stamp sums up the Rooster's positive personalities. The Rooster is also traditionally related to the chasing away of evil spirits, by calling the sun out and bringing the light to life."

2017 Dani Poon Aus Post Stamps Lunar New year Rooster

After completing an Honours degree in graphic design (now communication design) from Swinburne in 1998, Dani began her career as a designer.

In 2008, when she was working as a freelancer in a design studio, she found out about an opportunity to design Chinese Zodiac calendar stamps for Australia Post.

“My boss at time knew that Australia Post was looking for a Chinese graphic designer, and he suggested that I apply. Then on the same day I also received an email from a designer friend telling me about the same job. So I went for the tender and won the whole project!” Dani says.

Dani was given the responsibility of designing stamps for twelve years, the length of a Chinese Zodiac cycle. This year is her tenth year doing it.

“At the beginning of the twelve years, Australia Post gives me a brief to work to.

“I have to create a series of stamps that attracts both the western and Asian market. To do this, I use simple form and modern Chinese graphics combined with tradition content and calligraphy.”

Dani’s design career has seen her work many different projects, as well as working overseas in Italy.

“I have fond memories of Swinburne. They had one of the best graphic design courses when I was there.”

View the entire Lunar New Year stamp collection, designed by Dani.