In Summary

  • Mercer a global leader in responsible investment
  • Swinburne expects to lower fossil fuel exposure

Mercer Investments has been selected as Swinburne’s new investment manager.

The selection was made through an extensive tendering exercise. Amongst a number of criteria, the importance of financial return and environment, social and governance (ESG) focus had the largest weightings.

Mercer is the largest investment consultant in the world and is a leader  in the industry with regard to its analysis and understanding of ESG issues, climate change and responsible investment.

The Chief Financial Officer, Andrew Field, says he expects all equity invested funds will be moved to Mercer’s management before the end of the year.

“Following this transition, I expect Swinburne’s fossil fuel exposure in its equities portfolios to have substantially reduced,” he says.

While the ESG investment products landscape is still emerging, the university remains focussed on reducing its fossil fuel exposure, as well as the other exposures noted in Swinburne’s Responsible Investment Charter within a five year period.

Progress will be reported in each Annual Report of the University, commencing in 2016.