In Summary

From online magazines and blogs to Instagram and everything in between, there is no disputing that today’s world is a very visual place. But people want to see more than just images. They want to be moved by them. And in turn, they want to share these precious moments with others.

Photography has a valuable place in both the community and as a profession. A successful career in photography requires proficiency in all aspects of the craft – not just how to point and click. Understanding visual communication, meeting industry expectations, creating end products and managing your business are just some of things photographers need to learn to survive. All these areas are covered in Swinburne University of Technology’s Diploma of Photo Imaging.

If you love getting behind the lens but aren’t sure how you can turn this passion into a profession, get ready to discover these six exciting career options:


It’s an obvious choice for a photography career, but with good reason. Entering into the world of fashion can mean working with up-and-comers or globetrotting to major events in New York, Paris or Milan. This option allows you to work directly with a photography agency, fashion label, a publisher or as a freelancer. To crack into this competitive market, a reputable skill set will help you quickly establish a name for yourself.

News and online publishing

Among all the industries out there, media has been undergoing one of the biggest transformations, having to keep up with social media, online publishing and social expectations. There is a demand for hard-working and highly skilled photographers who can capture news events, add colour to magazines (print and online), move readers with their images, and produce end products that are likely to be shared globally (every publisher hopes for a good ‘viral’ story!).

Marketing and Advertising

A full breadth of skills is needed for photographers working in marketing and advertising. Photographers are expected to be able to set up shoots, capture the best “selling” image, and develop an end product that satisfies both the client and their target audience. A career in marketing or advertising can be very rewarding, especially when your iconic image ends up on a giant billboard.


Being paid to travel sure does sound like a dream job! This is a captivating avenue to get into, and it’s certainly not out of reach if you know how to work independently and produce the shots your clients want. Tourism photography can send you on a variety of assignments, from attending exciting events like Spain’s Running of the Bulls to shooting on tropical locations like the Cook Islands.

Weddings, babies and family photography

One area of photography that will never disappear is the “lifestyle” market: weddings, babies and family shoots. This is a great option for photographers who want to run their own business and balance it with their own family or home life. Starting out in this area can seem daunting, but Swinburne’s Diploma of Photo Imaging will take you through aspects such as making quality products (such as albums or wall prints), as well as the important details of running a business.

Industrial and architectural photography

This is a unique, and perhaps understated, area of photography that can be fascinating. Photographers are needed worldwide to produce shots for particular industries such as aviation, construction, and architecture. Your options are limitless and you can work anywhere - some of the best jobs in this sector allow you to work on a project that could be days, months or years long, giving you the opportunity to watch beauty unfold frame by frame.