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Swinburne University of Technology will sponsor ONEWorld Summit, a global event aimed to help young people tackle some of the biggest issues facing the world today.  

The two day summit will involve workshops and lectures from industry professionals designed to educate and inspire young social innovators aged 16 to 25 to confront issues like extreme poverty, environmental neglect and human trafficking.

Swinburne’s Vice President, Engagement, Andrew C. Smith said sponsorship of ONEWolrd Summit was natural for Swinburne as both support technology, social enterprise and a generation of youths striving for a better future today.

“Swinburne is excited to support young Australians with the passion and energy to create a positive future for this country and the world.

“The entrepreneurial spirit that underpins the ONEWorld Summit made it easy for Swinburne to get involved, because of the alignment with our own proud history of entrepreneurship and innovation,” Mr Smith said.

ONEWorld Summit will also provide participants with network connections, encouragement and the opportunity to get hands on experience. Lectures and workshops will be provided by well-known social enterprises, NGOs, charity and non-for-profit organisations, including YgapThankYou WaterOurConnection and Oscar’s Law.

OneWorld Summit Global Program Coordinator, and Swinburne student Dani Brown said she was motivated to get involved in the event through a desire to see this generation achieve their full potential, and secure a better future for everyone.

“I believe our generation is more empowered, connected and globally aware than any that came before.

“As a generation we are faced with some extremely large and complex global problems. Alone we would be unlikely to achieve success, however as a collective – sharing ideas, innovations, connections and inspiration, I believe that we can truly make a positive difference... and have some fun while we do it. Who said that social causes had to be boring?”

ONEWorld Summit Melbourne will be held over July 12 and 13 at the Spink St Creative Studio and Possibility Centre.

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