In Summary

Seventy-two students with outstanding VCE results will be receiving a helping hand with scholarships to cover their university tuition fees while studying at Swinburne University of Technology.

This year Swinburne is offering 28 Vice Chancellor’s Scholarships for academic excellence and an additional 44 scholarships awarded by the university deans. This is almost triple the number of scholarships offered in 2013, when there were 27 recipients of the Vice Chancellor’s Scholarship.

“Securing a scholarship makes a tremendous difference to the lives of our students. Our scholarships reward academic excellence and help students achieve their full potential,” Swinburne Vice-Chancellor and President, Professor Linda Kristjanson said.

“For some a university education would not be possible without the assistance of scholarships.

“The Vice-Chancellor’s scholarships are for those students who have achieved an ATAR score of at least ninety-five, and for those receiving these scholarships they have won deserved recognition for their educational accomplishments.”

The Vice Chancellor’s and the Deans’ scholarships exempt the recipients from paying the student contribution amount for their course. The recipients of the Dean of Engineering’s scholarships receive up to $2000 a year for fees, mentoring and leadership development through the Dean’s Scholars Network, a one-year industry placement to the value of approximately $30,000, and entry into a Master’s course.

“Aside from covering university fees, the scholarships provide motivation for the students to do well in their studies, as they need to maintain good marks to retain them,” Professor Kristjanson said.

“At Swinburne we have a strong history of providing high quality, career-orientated education, and we strive for excellence in science, technology, design, business and innovation.

“I wish each one of our scholarship recipients every success in their higher education journey and future careers.” 

All Dean’s Scholarship recipients must have an ATAR of 90 and above, except the Dean of Engineering’s scholarship, which is 85 and above. All Vice Chancellor’s Scholarship recipients must achieve an ATAR of 95 and above. 

Further information about scholarships can be found at Swinburne Scholarships or by calling 1300 275 794.