During my placement as an Engineer at NAB, I took on many roles within our team. Initially I worked on the data side of our asset, working with one of the Senior Solution Designers on understanding the data model and creating various presentations for stakeholders. Further into the placement I took on a much more technical role which involved automated provisioning of our infrastructure on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Vasin completed his placement at National Australian Bank  (NAB) as an engineer. 

When applying for a placement, I actually applied for a business analyst role, not a technology one. After my interview, I was offered both a business analyst role and a technical services analyst role. I chose the technical services role at NAB because I felt it aligned more to my career goals..

  • "This professional placement has provided me with invaluable experience. It has allowed me to develop many skills I would never otherwise have even considered learning and also taught me the importance of being able to learn quickly in a fast-paced environment and not being afraid to ask questions.”

    Vasin , Bachelor of Robotics Engineering / Bachelor of Computer Science

As part of my role, major achievements include; helping organising events such as a shark tank with pizza and drinks networking nights for the intern social committee and various automation scripts such as infrastructure creation on AWS. I was given the opportunity to work on a project outside of my team as part of the bank restructure and helped build their website for content distribution.

I was lucky in that the work I do, I really enjoy. I’m passionate about process improvement and it has been large part of my job.

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