I had to make a choice between two universities who were both offering Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) and it came down to a single factor – community.

Swinburne’s smaller cohorts and closer relationships with staff and students suited me far better, and I was excited by the opportunity of studying somewhere innovative not steeped in tradition and bureaucracy. 

As a law student, we undertake three mandatory placements. One of my placements was completed at Grey Innovation, a commercial engineering firm, and is in fact where I’m working now.

I’ve also undertaken a legal technology subject and am currently completing a legal hackathon through Miami. I am very keen to continue to explore more placements opportunities in different areas including intellectual property law, courts, space law and environmental law.

Nicola completed her placement as a legal intern at Grey Innovation.

One of the most important things I’ve learnt outside of the course content is to put my hand up for new experiences. Going into university, I was quite hesitant at entering situations where I did not already feel I could succeed. Now I am far more willing to put myself into new situations because I learn so much more.

While we were all stuck in inside, being online actually turned out to be a positive as I could juggle different commitments easily. I was able to jump between meetings where I could be tutoring, studying or mentoring! It gave me many great experiences and an opportunity to try and develop my time management skills. 

My job involves a lot of things that I have never experienced or heard about before, so while I always try and show initiative, I have learnt to not let pride get in the way of asking for help. Tertiary education has taught me that it is better to ask questions.

  • "You are going to meet so many incredible people and have more opportunities than most students at other universities."

    Nicola , Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)

If I were dreaming of my ideal situation, I would see myself graduated with job offers to pick from and a great network of contacts to lean on. I’d also love to have developed great balance in work, study and life by that stage. 

If I could say one thing to people looking to study at Swinburne, it’d be this – you are going to meet so many incredible people and have more opportunities than most students at other universities.

Swinburne is a fair bit smaller, so there is less competition for opportunities. It’s easier to stand out and get the support you need from staff and students.

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