An internship is a great way to gain practical experience in the real world, and Swinburne offers an opportunity for students to experience the Australian workplace and apply knowledge gained from university.

My internship was with a well-known global telecom organisation, where I learnt how to be a Project Coordinator. The internship gave me a great introduction to the role and I gained knowledge and practical experience, including communicating with different stakeholders.

Mohammad completed his internship at Orange Business Services.

I worked with the project management team who were helpful and encouraging, and I gained a lot by learning from their experience. It’s good to ask for more work if you can handle it, as this increases your experience and exposure to the field. Communication is a major area that interns need to focus on to benefit from an Internship.

  • "Networking is another benefit, as interns can meet other employees and deal with clients. It’s important for interns to be open and try to build their network within the industry."

    Mohammad , Master of Information Technology

Another aspect is punctuality in the workplace which is considered essential. It’s important to manage your time to get tasks done. It shows dedication to your work, and that you’re capable, responsible and professional.

I learnt it is vital for interns to show their enthusiasm by absorbing everything like a sponge – from corporate culture to knowing the nitty-gritty processes involved in company deliverables. This internship was a great journey for me.

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