Overseas internship: Business, Communications, IT & Computer Science Internship
Swinburne course: Bachelor of Computer Science

Dipesh was awarded a New Colombo Plan Mobility Grant for his virtual internship through Swinburne Abroad.

Dipesh completed his virtual internship with Vietnam-based global joint stock company VTI without even leaving Australia.

My virtual internship was with the global joint stock company VTI in Vietnam. I initially decided to do this internship for work experience in information technology. I was a little nervous at first going into this program, because it was a completely different environment. The people I was interacting with were from a different culture that I knew nothing about.

Gradually, as the internship progressed, I got to learn a lot about the Vietnamese culture and also made some Vietnamese friends. Even though the internship was virtual, I still felt really connected to everyone I was working with.

  • "Even though the internship was virtual, I still felt really connected to everyone I was working with."

    Dipesh , Bachelor of Computer Science

My host provider FPT University was really helpful during the experience. To make sure we all felt comfortable, they organised weekly sessions on different topics about Vietnam. We were also assigned a supervisor from Swinburne who was great. We had weekly meetings discussing the work I was doing and the project environment. The internship also had special events such as a cooking competition and a quiz. It was a lot of fun.

I believe everything I learned at VTI will greatly help me in the future with general work skills, as well as technical skills. I would definitely recommend this virtual internship program to anyone looking to learn new skills and have fun at the same time.

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