Key Information

Internship provider: The Intern Group

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Dates: 11 January 2025 - 22 February 2025

Duration: 6 weeks

Academic credit: International Internship Unit 25CP or other course-related experiential units

Cost: JP¥747,569 (approximately A$7,600). Inclusions and exclusions are listed below.


  • A$2,000 Swinburne Abroad Travel Grants available
  • $9,504 OS-HELP Loans are available for eligible students

Application deadline: 6 September 2024



Explore the dynamic blend of tradition and innovation in Tokyo, Japan's bustling capital. With its rich cultural heritage and cutting-edge technology, Tokyo offers an unparalleled setting for your international internship. Gain valuable experience and immerse yourself in one of the world's most exciting cities.


Study areas

Undergraduate and Postgraduate:

  • Business (Study Areas are limited and competitive. Not available: Accounting, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Management, and Sports Management)
  • Design (Limited availability: UX Interaction Design)
  • Information Technology (Study areas are limited and competitive. Not available: Network Technology, Systems Analysis, Systems Management, Cybersecurity, Games Development, Internet of Things and Network Design)
  • Media and Communication (Study areas are limited and competitive. Not available: Cinema and Screen Studies, Games and Interactivity, Journalism, Media Industries, and Professional Writing and Editing)

Note: These study areas are just a guide, and availability of relevant internships depends on many individual factors. Sourcing internships for some study areas and majors may be more challenging than others. If your study area is not listed here, but you are interested in this destination, please let us know and we can confirm with the internship provider.

Note for postgraduate students: Unfortunately, internships are not available for postgraduate students unless they have a course-specific project unit on their study plan that can be used for an internship experience, given the niche and specific nature of courses and study areas. Postgraduate students should inquire with Swinburne Abroad's Overseas Internship Advisor before applying for a program to confirm availability.



Specific eligibility requirements depend on the academic unit being utilised, but all students must meet these minimum program eligibility criteria:


  • Completed at least 100CP (8 units) or 150CP (12 units) (if you want to use the International Internship unit)
  • Have an average weighted mark of at least 60% (or satisfy additional eligibility criteria if mark is between 50-60%)
  • Have available space in your course for the applicable academic unit (domestic students may be able overload their degree)


  • Completed at least 25CP (2 units) at the time of application
  • Have an average weighted mark of at least 60% (or satisfy additional eligibility criteria if mark is between 50-60%)
  • Have a course-specific project unit on the study plan that can be used for Internship experience (e.g., EAT80003 Professional Practice in Engineering, or Education and Nursing professional placement units).
Senso-ji Temple, the oldest temple located in Tokyo, Japan

Program cost



  • Internship Placement in the chosen sector
  • Student accommodation with private room
  • Airport pick-up
  • Welcome & orientation sessions
  • Welcome pack (transportation and SIM cards)
  • Cultural immersion activities, excursions, and social gatherings
  • TIG's proprietary Career Advancement Training & resources
  • Access to TIG's Keynote Speaker Series
  • Certificate of completion
  • Exit interview/debrief with TIG staff
  • 60-minute session with a professional career coach
  • Lifetime membership in TIG's worldwide alumni network
  • 24/7 support and emergency assistance
  • Confidential 24/7 access to mental health services
  • Swinburne travel insurance



  • Tuition fees associated with the selected unit for internship
  • Visa application fees (if applicable)
  • Airfares
  • Daily living expenses



Funding your overseas journey may be easier than you think.

Swinburne Abroad Travel Grants

This program has A$2,000 Swinburne Abroad Travel Grants available.

This grant can help offset travel and living expenses for your overseas internship and are available to both Domestic and International UG or PG students.  


Eligible Australian students can apply for an Australian Government OS-HELP Loan of up to A$9,504 in Asia to help cover costs associated with your overseas program.  Plus, up to $1,263 to complete Asian language study in preparation for your placement in Asia. 

For more information on funding and eligibility see Fee Help and Scholarships.  



Applications will be assessed on a rolling basis, with places (and scholarships) allocated to the first students to complete a full application and meet eligibility criteria.  

Note: You can only submit an application for one overseas internship program per application cycle.

Final deadline for applications: 6 September 2024 
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