Face-to-face appointments

To get study skill support and assignment help, students can now book thirty-minute online or on-campus appointments with a LAS advisor at Hawthorn, Croydon and Wantirna. Simply look for the appointment type and the venue of your choice when you book an appointment.

If you don't want to book in, you can visit the LAS Drop-in Desk until 10 June for on-the-spot help. Just bring your laptop along at the following times:

  • Hawthorn campus Library Level 3: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 11am–3pm
  • Wantirna campus Library: Tuesday 11am–1pm
  • Croydon campus Library: Monday 11am–1pm

For more information about LAS support and services, please contact us at las@swinburne.edu.au.

From advice on assignments, writing essays and reports writing, presentation tips and exam strategies, to improving your maths, stats and digital literacy skills, we can help you achieve your academic goals.

A student perspective (LAS)
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Help with all your study skill needs

Transitioning from secondary education to a tertiary level can be a big step up. Whether your pathway to studying with us is directly from school or if you’re returning to study after taking a break (or simply wanting to boost your marks) we offer free advice and workshops to help you gain the skills you need to succeed! 

Visit the LAS centre to:

  • improve essays, reports, critical analyses, thesis writing, case studies, journals, blogs and reports
  • understand and analyse assignment topics and questions
  • recognise and respond to task requirements, assessment criteria and rubrics 
  • develop critical analysis and academic argument skills
  • find, select and read relevant resources
  • develop note-taking skills
  • improve your referencing skills
  • speak well and deliver strong presentations.

Learn or refresh useful skills for your study and beyond. Receive individual feedback from LAS Advisors and earn a Swinburne Participation Certificate for each completed module. Start your learning journey today!


Topics include: 

  • Understanding what Swinburne expects of you 
  • Planning and organising your time 
  • Getting the most from your study time 
  • How to approach your study ethically 
  • Working in teams 
  • Effective verbal communication 
  • Giving an oral presentation 
  • Writing reflective papers, blogs and personal profiles 
  • Using email etiquette 
  • Preparing for exams 

For more information, please download the Study Smarter Online Program flyer [PDF 310KB].

This workshop will help you improve your written work and feel more confident about your editing and proofreading strategies.

For more information, contact workshop facilitator Frederique Robert at frobert@swinburne.edu.au.

Intermediate / Upper Intermediate

Tuesday 6 April, 10am–1pm


Wednesday 7 April, 10am–1pm


What is negotiation? What do skilled negotiators do? Do negotiation practices differ from country to country? What is my negotiation style?

In this workshop, we will discuss these questions, reflect on your experiences and practise negotiation through role play.

For more information, contact workshop facilitator Antje Herrmann at aherrmann@swinburne.edu.au.

  • Friday 9 April, 9.30am–12 noon
  • Monday 3 May, 9.30am–12 noon (repeat)

This workshop will teach you how to use financial calculations for study, work and life.

For more information, contact workshop facilitator Dr Elena Sinchenko at esinchenko@swinburne.edu.au.

  • Thursday 8 April, 1.30–4.30pm
  • Thursday 10 June, 1.30–4.30pm (repeat) 

This workshop will give you a chance to practice skills for communication with your colleagues, employers and clients in the workplace.

For more information, contact workshop facilitators Kathy Wallace at kwallace@swinburne.edu.au or Hua Wang at hwang@swinburne.edu.au.

  • Friday 9 April, 10am-12 noon
  • Monday 21 June, 1.30-3.30pm (repeat)

For students interested in developing literacy and numeracy skills for LANTITE, join our weekly one-hour workshops, Thursday 10–11am literacy presented by Dr Stephen Price and Thursday 11am–12 noon presented by Dr Elena Sinchenko.

To find out when workshops run, read the LANTITE Canvas home page. For more information, contact swprice@swinburne.edu.au or esinchenko@swinburne.edu.au.

There is no need to register in advance and you can attend as many workshops as you like. The workshops run in Week 3 (beginning 15 March) and Week 4 (beginning 22 March) from Collaborate Ultra in the Study Smarter Online Canvas site.

Once you enrol, navigate to the Collaborate Ultra tab. Click on the link for the workshop you would like to attend. You will receive a participation award for attending four or more workshops.

If you have any queries about how to join our Academic Writing Skills Workshops, send us an email at las@swinburne.edu.au.

Workshop schedule

Please note that workshops in Week 4 (beginning 22 March) are repeats of workshops in Week 3 (beginning 15 March).

Time Monday
15 and 22 March
16 and 23 March
17 and 24 March
18 and 25 March
19 and 26 March


Humanities and Social Science focus

Paraphrasing and Quoting Report Writing Not offered Avoiding Plagiarism Researching and Planning Your Assignment


Science, Technology and Engineering focus

Paraphrasing and Quoting Report Writing Essay Writing Avoiding Plagiarism Researching and Planning Your Assignment


Business and Law focus

Paraphrasing and Quoting Report Writing Not offered Avoiding Plagiarism Researching and Planning Your Assignment


PAVE focus

Paraphrasing and Quoting Report Writing Essay Writing Avoiding Plagiarism Researching and Planning Your Assignment

Practise your English and learn interesting things about life and culture in Australia.

Start dates for 12.30-1.30pm online conversation group for Semester 1 2021 will be announced soon! Email las@swinburne.edu.au if you are interested in joining the group. One of our LAS Advisors will add you to the list.

Join in and:

  • learn about Australian culture and customs
  • improve your vocabulary and pronunciation
  • practise your listening and speaking skills
  • understand Australian slang and everyday expressions
  • make new friends.

A free five-week program that runs twice a week for one hour. To express your interest in this program, please email las@swinburne.edu.au.

This program aims to assist students to:

  • identify your strengths in a global job market
  • share your experiences with your peers
  • get feedback from your convenor 
  • improve your communication, inclusion and diversity skills for workplace readiness. 
  • earn a Swinburne Participation Certificate and credits towards the Diversity Certificate as part of the Emerging Leader Program. 

For more information, please download the flyer [PDF 97KB].

Whether you’re starting uni for the first time or would like some additional tips and strategies to help you ace your studies, this three-day virtual workshop will provide you with the key tools to succeed at university. Includes live sessions and self-directed learning modules. Live sessions will be via Collaborate Ultra.

Monday 15 – Wednesday 17 February | Daily from 1pm AEST

For more information, go to the Strategies for Success Canvas shell.

LAS’s free Grammar Review Online Program [PDF 2.3MB] is a free, online program that provides grammar review activities for intermediate to upper-intermediate students from a non-English speaking background.

This program focuses on four areas; verbs, determiners, prepositions and sentences. This provides an excellent opportunity for students to improve their grammar and enhance their general and academic English, both written and oral skills.

This program is free to all Swinburne students and enrolments are offered all year round. To enrol, please contact Frederique Robert at frobert@swinburne.edu.au.

Need help with exam preparation?

Download our handy tips for preparing for an exam including tips for short answer exams, case studies and scenario questions.

Prepare for exams [PDF 220KB]
Assignment writing guides and samples

If you're looking for useful guides for assignment writing and language skills check out our study skills resources.

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Get just-in-time assignment support - around the clock

Your hours might be all over the place, but our academic support services can work with that.

Swinburne is partnering with Studiosity, a third-party provider, to give you real-time, one-on-one virtual support with a degree qualified study coach via their ‘connect live’ chat. Or you can ask for assignment feedback (including spelling, grammar, structure and more) delivered back to your inbox within 24 hours.  

All you need to do is login to any of your Canvas units and look for Studiosity on the left-hand side. On your first sign-in, you have to create a user profile and PIN.

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Other English language support

If you’re an international student or a student from a non-English speaking background, we can help you with the following workshops and short courses:

  • speaking and listening – improve pronunciation for better communication
  • writing skills – learn to plan and structure essays
  • grammar – learn correct use of English grammar
  • reading – manage texts and recommended reading materials
  • vocabulary – increase your word knowledge, understand Australian slang.

Learn more about our courses to improve your English or simply book an appointment and begin your journey to reaching your academic goals.

An international student perspective (LAS)
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Maths, stats, physics and chemistry help

The LAS Centre can help improve your knowledge and understanding of maths and physics, stats, basic chemistry and digital literacy and computer skills including Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. LAS also helps vocational education, UniLink, Faculty of Business and Law and Faculty of Health, Arts and Design students. Book an appointment with a LAS Adviser

If you are a student from the Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology (FSET), you can access academic assistance via the Mathematics and Statistics Help (MASH) Centre.

The LAS Centre helps you to:

  • understand complex maths problems and identify the steps to solve them
  • interpret your maths and science assignment questions
  • read and understand written maths problems
  • get more from your lectures and tutorials
  • catch up with prerequisite content
  • develop your maths, stats, physics and chemistry (including concepts and terminology).

Self-assess your academic skills

The Swinburne Academic Literacy Needs Assessment (SALNA) is an online quiz for undergraduate and UniLink students at Swinburne. It helps you to find out where your strengths are, and which academic literacy skills you could work on developing.

It’s designed to ease your transition into tertiary education by introducing you to key aspects of university study and writing, such as:

  • interpreting assignments
  • developing arguments
  • structuring your work
  • referencing your work.

Note: SALNA is a 15- to 20-minute self-assessment tool. Only you will see the results. Your tutors and lecturers cannot see your scores. At the end of the quiz, you will get feedback on your academic and language skills.

You will also receive a list of helpful resources that you can use to build particular skills.

Looking for extra study support?

We have Academic Development Advisers that work in each of our faculties. They can help you make the most of your university experience and assist with any issues you may face during your studies.

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