Unlearn it by connecting with other Swinburne students

Now you’re well on your way to unlearning a lot of society’s less-than-ideal norms, you can put it all into practice and help make Swinburne a more inclusive and equal place for everyone. Get to know the perspectives and stories of some fellow Swinburne students and then get connected IRL. There are heaps of groups to join where you can meet like-minded individuals and share your journey of unlearning.

Of course, if you’re struggling with a situation related to anything covered in Unlearn It, there is so much support available. You’ll find all the info below. 

Student stories

Hearing others tell their stories is a great way to check in with some of the assumptions and stereotypes we might have and help us combat them. Check out this collection of personal stories and artworks from some fellow Swinburne students.  


Adele's painting, inspired by dinner with her family, evokes a feeling of inclusiveness for her.

This painting was my interpretation of a still life of a dinner I had with my family.

To me, this place means a lot. Swinburne has made me feel included as a person who struggles with anxiety and made me feel free to express my art any way I want. I normally felt as though people won’t accept me and I have been excluded in the past due to people not understanding how I felt. I never really wanted to talk to my family much about it. This also caused me to not create much art as I was not as inspired.

Since coming to Swinburne, I feel really accepted as the teachers don’t think of anxiety as weird and people understand what’s it’s like to have it. This inclusiveness made me feel happy and it caused me to be very motivated, allowed me to open up more and talk to new people. I started sitting at the table with my family to talk about more things that were going on, too, which inspired this art piece.


First Impressions

Being in a foreign land,
Often times come hand in hand,
With the need to put on a face,
To give ourselves a place.

First impressions make or break,
The conversations we partake,
The judgments passed on us,
Often times unjust.

Prejudice is often passed,
As it gives a stark contrast,
Between the huge divide,
Of you and I inside.

First impressions are vital,
To every single title,
No matter how we try to,
It’s hard to make a breakthrough.

In other words be kind,
You might even find,
Your partner in crime,
That will last you a lifetime.


Jessi's beehive painting shows how inclusivity is a puzzle that has yet to be completed.

This painting depicts a puzzle of a beehive hanging from a tree. The tree is plentiful in flowers and leaves, and the hive is surrounded by bees. All the bees are different, some have all wings, some have three wings, some have more wings. They all have different stripes and are all unique. No disabilities or any other traits are being discriminated against, but they are all coming in together into the same hive. The puzzle shows that not all pieces are yet put together, showing that everywhere, there are always ways of improvement and completion. A bee looks outside of the puzzle, seeing the different types of bees and longing to join. 

Swinburne has been very welcoming of all people and all abilities, and others look in and wish to join due to the inclusive nature of the university. However, like everything, inclusivity is not yet completed, but rather an ongoing positive growth.

Get support

We all struggle at times, so if you find yourself in this situation it’s helpful to know there’s support available. Here are a range of Swinburne support services that you can use whenever you need to. 

  • Health and wellbeing

    We offer comprehensive professional health and medical services to support the mental, physical and emotional wellbeing of the Swinburne community.

  • Three students studying and chatting discussing an assignment within a building in the Hawthorn campus

    AccessAbility services

    At Swinburne, we offer an inclusive and welcoming environment for people living with a disability, medical condition, mental illness or with primary carer responsibilities.

  • LGBTIQ+ community support

    Find out how Swinburne embraces and supports our LGBTIQ+ community and creates an inclusive work and learning environment.

  • International students at The Junction

    Support for international students

    Living and studying away from your home country can be challenging. Find out how our international support team can assist international students.

  • Shot of a male student sitting in a classroom going over his work.

    Independent advocacy for students

    If you're facing academic or disciplinary issues, get free, confidential advice on how to best manage your circumstances to get back on track with your studies.

  • StudentHQ

    Library and studentHQ is your one-stop shop on every campus. Access student support services for all your course enquiries including course planning, class timetables, fees, enrolment, assessment, exams, graduation, library services and on-campus help. 

Get connected

Unlearning is so much easier when you’re doing it together. Connect with other students IRL and get involved in some of the activities in and around campus. Whatever you’re into, you’ll find something that will help you make new friends, widen your perspective, and make an impact in your community. 

  • Clubs and student organisations

    Join a club or student organisation and meet like-minded people, explore new hobbies and get involved with the issues you care about. Find your people.
  • H Squad student volunteer mental health team


    Learn what this group of student health ambassadors can do for you.

  • Student volunteers at Semester 1 2023 Orientation


    Learn valuable new skills by taking on a leadership or volunteering role. You’ll meet new people and gain experiences that will make you more employable.

  • Edge of open book pages

    SWINE magazine

    Into writing? Want to help others discover more about the world? Or are you just keen to learn? Get involved with SWINE, Swinburne’s student magazine. 

Want to know more?

Help us make our Swinburne community even better by reading up on some of the issues many of our students face regularly. Learn to unlearn some of society’s harmful lessons around race, gender, relationships and ability, and get started on building a more inclusive and respectful world.

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