If you would like to modify existing assessment arrangements to accommodate a situation of special circumstance, then you should consider applying for alternate assessment arrangements.

Alternate assessment arrangements (AAAs) may be provided if:

  • an assessment item has been lost, stolen or damaged
  • national or specialist commitments (e.g. military service, elite sports competition) affect your ability to undertake or complete assessment
  • you have a scheduled exam falling on a specific day when you have a cultural or religious commitment; you may be granted a modified exam timetable, subject to provision of evidence demonstrating that you are not permitted to attend the campus or exam centre.

Alternate assessment arrangements do not represent a reduction in the academic standard being assessed. You must still meet all requirements of the course and unit. 

How to apply for alternate assessment arrangements

Contact accessability@swinburne.edu.au at least four weeks before the first assessment task covered by your application.

Applications must include supporting documentation from a relevant official (e.g. police, lecturer, government body, sporting body, doctor) confirming your exceptional circumstances, official reporting of the lost, stolen or damaged item, or your national or specialist commitment. 

For cultural or religious commitments falling on the day of a scheduled exam or assessment task, documentation must include evidence you are not permitted to attend the campus or exam. 

Possible outcomes of alternate assessment arrangements

You’ll find out if you’ve been granted AAAs via your Swinburne student email account.

Check your Swinburne email regularly or redirect it to an email you check frequently. You’ll need to respond promptly to requests for action or information supporting your application. 

Possible outcomes of AAA applications include:

  • extension to due date, or 
  • alternative examination date, or
  • permission to re-submit. 

You can contact accessability@swinburne.edu.au with any questions about your application. 

Do I qualify?

Swinburne offers alternate assessment arrangements in various circumstances to students such as elite athletes and defence reserves to ensure these students can adequately complete their studies whilst balancing competing commitments.

As a proud member of the Elite Athlete Education Network, we are here to support your study while you excel as an athlete.

Not everyone with sporting commitments is an 'elite athlete', however. We can support your study if you’re recognised as an 'elite athlete' by one of the following institutions:

  • The Australian Institute of Sport 
  • State Institutes or Academies of Sport 
  • AFL Players’ Association 
  • Australian Cricketers’ Association 
  • Rugby Union Players’ Association 
  • Rugby League Professionals’ Association 
  • Australian Professional Footballers’ Association 
  • National senior squad members from ACE supported sports. 

We can help with the following:

  • enrolment needs and tailoring your academic load around training 
  • negotiating deadlines around your sporting related travel 
  • sitting external exams on the road 
  • study over Summer or Winter Term 
  • access to distance education study materials 
  • cross-institutional study options with an interstate university, where we recognise the credits achieved.

If you’re representing your country at the Olympics, we’ll make sure you can have a leave of absence. 

For more information visit the Sport Australia website. 

Students who are members of the Defence Reserves (within the meaning of the Defence Reserve Service (Protection) Act 2001) who have service commitments during exams may be able to access alternate assessment arrangements.

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    Equitable assessment arrangements

    Equitable assessment adjustments (EAAs) are adjustments or alterations to the standard conditions or format of an assessment. They can apply to any formal assessment task or exam in the unit of study outline. 

  • Interior inside view of an exam hall set up in preparation for a major assessment test or examination.

    Special consideration and extensions

    If a serious event has occurred that has affected your academic journey at Swinburne, support is available through special consideration, extensions and adjustments.

Are you an elite athlete currently studying at Swinburne?

We offer tailored support services to help you through your studies and assessment schedule.

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