Doing industry experience as part of your degree is more than awkwardly nodding like you know what’s going on or doing really random ad hoc tasks that you don’t remember being in the position description.  

With your bachelor degree at Swinburne, the industry experience is real. Like, really real.  

Meet Issy, Bachelor of Media and Communication (Professional) student, as she’s thrown into the deep end during her industry experience at Little Green Panda.

Founded by Swinburne grad, Manon Beauchamp-Tardieu, Little Green Panda is on a mission to save the world from single-use plastics, one plant-based biodegradable straw at a time.

On Issy’s first day, she’s asked to come up with a video concept for social media and then... pitch it CEO, Manon (eep!). So, it’s kinda important that Issy’s concept doesn’t, um, suck.

Cue panic.

Will Issy sink or swim?

  • "Everything that I’ve learnt through my degree, I’ve been able to apply in a real-life scenario, which makes me feel more confident going into the workforce – like, tomorrow."

    Issy , Bachelor of Media and Communication (Professional) student

Want real industry experience?

Upgrade your bachelor degree to include gut-wrenching (at first), confidence-boosting real industry experience. And it’s not just real, it’s guaranteed.

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