As a current student, you may update most personal details by logging in to My Details with your SIMS username and password. This page covers how you can update other personal details. Please follow the instructions and take note of supporting documentation required.

Change to your preferred name

You can change your preferred name at any time by completing the Update your Personal Details form. The change includes your preferred given name and not your family name.

Change to your legal name

If you change your legal name you will need to complete the Update your Personal Details form and attach certified documentation to support your name change. We accept the following types of documentation:

  • birth certificate with change of name details
  • citizenship certificate with change of name details
  • change of name certificate
  • deed poll document
  • married or registered relationship certificate (issued by the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages)
  • divorce decree/revocation of registered relationship or death certificate of spouse or adult partner of a registered relationship
  • court order directing child's change of name

Marriage certificates issued on the day of the wedding, known as a commemorative certificate, are not sufficient. The marriage certificate must be issued by the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages.

Alternatively, you can take your original documents to studentHQ where they will copy them and process the change for you.

Update your title

If you’re a current Swinburne student, you can update your title by completing our Update your Personal Details form. For Dr or Professor appropriate documentation will be required.

Update your gender

If you’re a current Swinburne student, you can update your gender by completing our Update your Personal Details form.

If you are a past Swinburne student and wish to update your gender with Swinburne, please contact studentHQ with information on the gender you were registered with, and how you identify now.

LGBTIQ+ Support Services

Swinburne embraces and supports the LGBTIQ+ community by creating an inclusive environment. Visit the LGBTIQ Support Service website for further information.

Changing your address

If you move house, change your contact address details by logging in to My Details (with your SIMS username and password) within seven days.

For international students, keeping your address updated is a requirement of your student visa and failure to do so could result in visa cancellation.

It is possible to have two addresses:

  • your postal address (where your mail is sent)
  • your home address (where you live when not studying).

Swinburne cannot accept responsibility for problems that occur if incorrect or inadequate address information is provided.

Residency status

If you request a change of residency or citizenship from an international student to a domestic student, you cannot continue your enrolment as an international student and the University will amend your enrolment to that of a domestic student.

You can change your residency status by completing our Update your Personal Details form through which you can also submit your documents, or you can present any documents to studentHQ.

Certified documents to support citizenship change include:

  • If changing Permanent Resident (PR/New Zealand citizen status to Australian citizen status) – a certified copy of Australian Citizen certificate
  • If changing international status to Permanent Resident (PR) status – a certified copy of your passport and new visa
  • If your visa has recently changed to Temporary Resident, you will need to send a copy of your VEVO to and they will update your records.

Submitting documents

If you have any other personal details that are incorrect, you can complete the Update your Personal Details form through which you can also submit your documents, or you can present any documents to studentHQ.

Your enrolment responsibilities

You are responsible for ensuring that all details of your enrolment are correct. You must make changes to enrolment by the relevant deadlines. Late changes may result in academic and/or financial penalties.

You can maintain your enrolment details when you Log in to My Enrolment with your SIMS username ( Student ID) and password. If you find any of your details to be incorrect and you can't amend them yourself, please contact studentHQ.

If you receive any kind of Commonwealth financial assistance or a scholarship, check whether the changes to your enrolment will affect your eligibility for the scholarship or Youth Allowance before changing your enrolment.

If you are an international student, check if any detail changes will breach the terms of your student visa.

If you are requesting a name change, please note that you must update your official name in the Unique Student Identifier (USI) registry.

Need assistance?

Not sure what documentation you need or need help filling in the form? Our friendly staff at studentHQ are here to help. 

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