The Student Representative Council (SRC) is Swinburne’s primary student representation and consultation body. Students are elected annually to sit on a variety of university boards and committees. They come together as a council to discuss student issues and university policy.

SRC Elections

Find out about when Swinburne elections are held, how to nominate, how to vote and the election results.

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Roles and responsibilities

The roles and responsibilities of the SRC include:

  • acting as a network for the exchange of information about the business being conducted by university boards and committees
  • acting as a consultative body for education issues
  • acting as a consultative body for education policy at the University
  • increasing the level of student representation on Swinburne’s boards and committees
  • improving the educational experience for all Swinburne's students (across all campuses and modes of delivery)
  • consulting with and providing a forum for students to provide feedback and recommendations about:
  • education quality and standards
  • Swinburne’s policies and procedures
  • Swinburne’s physical, cultural and technological learning environments
  • student retention and engagement.

Our committees and boards

The committees and boards that make up the SRC are:

Student consultative committees

Student consultative committees (SCCs) facilitate collaboration and consultation between educational leaders and their student representatives. There is an SCC for:

  • each of Swinburne's six schools
  • vocational education
  • Academic Senate
  • University Council
  • Swinburne Student Life.

Each SCC has four student representatives and every member of the SRC has a position on a consultative committee. They meet several times a year to discuss issues and work together towards improving the Swinburne student experience.

SCCs provide the opportunity for:

  • providing educational leaders with student feedback on ideas, projects and initiatives geared towards improving the student experience
  • student representatives to raise academic issues
  • an open forum for student representatives to provide suggestions
  • collaborative projects between educational leadership and student representatives.

Gathering your feedback

The SRC organises events and activities to facilitate student feedback and input around issues at Swinburne.

We operate a weekly stall at Hawthorn campus to get feedback from students via surveys, a suggestion box and just having conversations with our reps. We're usually located in the atrium by the library or in the AD108 area. We also have a collection of flyers and lollies for students to grab while you’re at our stall. We do this to get a wide range of feedback from many students and promote the service of the SRC to all students

SRC committees and boards

Discover all the elected members of the committees and boards that make up the Student Representative Council, including the SRC Executive.

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Swinburne Student Life

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