The Readings Service enables you to make readings and other resources available to your students using the Readings Tab in Canvas.  Leganto, a dynamic reading list solution, allows you to collaborate with students and librarians in the creation, management and evaluation of recommended learning resources. You can also tag items to alert Library staff of your digitisation and purchase requirements or request physical items for short-term loan status.

The Leganto tool, embedded in the Readings Tab in Canvas, allows you to:

  • Create dynamic lists from a range of sources including the Library, internet, and multimedia resources
  • Easily manage and update resources for all of your units
  • Enable students to ‘like’ resources, create personal collections, share comments, and recommendations with classmates and lecturers
  • Extract analytics on student engagement with the unit materials such as full-text access views.

For more information, go to our Canvas Org for Educators.

Readings for Canvas

Readings for Canvas

Introduction to Readings for Canvas gives teachers an overview of the Leganto software.

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