Image or figure


APA includes the following within the definition of images and figures: graphs, charts, maps, posters, drawings, photographs.

You may be required to do the following (unit requirements vary):

General rules

Number figures consecutively in italics, using Arabic numerals, 1,2,3 etc, taking care to order them as they appear in the text, Figure 1, Figure 2 etc.

All tables and figures must be referred to in the main body of the text.

Do not label figures with suffix letters such as Figure 5a. Use Figure 5.1.

Directly below the figure include a caption that includes:

  1. The figure number (italics)
  2. Brief title of the image
  3. Citation details of where the image was reprinted from
  4. License statement if from a creative commons source

List the title of the item as it appears in the source material

Include copyright information

In the text of your paragraph, refer to your images by their figure number, for example: figure 1 shows that…