Statute or regulation (Act of parliament)

Referencing statutes & regulations (acts of parliament)

Copyright Act 1968 (Cth) s 1
  • Both the title of the act and the year in which the act was passed appear in italics
  • The jurisdiction is abbreviated and within parentheses ‘( )’
  • Regulations, rules and orders should be cited in the same manner as primary legislation: title; year; jurisdiction (in parentheses)
  • Both the title of the act and the year in which the regulation was passed appear in italics.

Pinpoint references

  • A pinpoint reference is a reference to a specific page, paragraph or other section of an act, or regulation
  • Pinpoint references should appear as abbreviations and a number separated by a space
  • Where referencing a section, separate the relevant reference with a space with an ‘s’ but do not use a full stop.

Climate Change Act 2010 (Vic) pt 3 div 2 s 16

Abbreviations for Australian jurisdictions

  • Commonwealth – Cth
  • Australian Capital Territory – ACT
  • New South Wales – NSW
  • Northern Territory – NT
  • Queensland – QLD
  • South Australia – SA
  • Tasmania – Tas
  • Victoria – Vic
  • Western Australia – WA.