Overdue items incur the following fines:

Loan type Fine   
7 days or more $0.75 per day
2 days or less $1.50 per day  
4 hours $1.50 per hour
Equipment $1.50 per hour

How fines work

  • You cannot borrow or renew items if you have any overdue loans or unpaid fines.
  • Fines for equipment accrue to the replacement cost of the item.
  • Fines for subject materials accrue to a maximum of $50 per item.
  • Fines for all other overdue items accrue to a maximum of $20 per item.
  • Equipment borrowing rights will be suspended for repeated or excessive overdue items.
  • The fine for any recalled items not returned by the due date is $1.50 per day.
  • Students otherwise eligible for inter-library loans, but who have exceeded the $80 fine limit in the previous 12 months, will have their requests refused.
  • Any item that is not returned within six weeks of the due date, or by the end of the academic year in which it was borrowed, whichever occurs sooner, will be considered as lost. The borrower will then be liable for the cost of its replacement plus an administration fee of $20.
  • If lost book charges are not paid within 15 days of issuing an invoice the library will commence formal debt collection action without further notice. The initial debt will be increased by the amount of all collection costs incurred by the library.
  • GST does not apply to overdue fines or payments for repair of damaged items but does apply to charges for lost items.

How to avoid fines

  • Renew items on or before the due date online or by phone (1300 794 628)
  • Check your account regularly
  • Don't lend your card to anyone and don't borrow for others. You are responsible for all fines for items borrowed on your account
  • Report lost ID cards to the library immediately
  • Update your personal details by logging in to Current Students (log in required).

Making payments

You can pay fines by phone, in person or by mail:

  • By phone: Visa, Mastercard payments only on 1300 794 628.
  • In person: by EFTPOS, credit card or cheque at any of the campus libraries.
  • By mail: cheques should be made payable to Swinburne Library, addressed to:

Lending Services
Swinburne Library
Swinburne University of Technology
PO Box 218
Hawthorn Victoria 3122

Part payments

  • Part payments are available if you have outstanding charges of $30 or more.
  • The payment plan is recorded on your account.
  • A minimum of 10% of the total accrued charges must be paid fortnightly and a receipt will be issued.
  • You are allowed to continue borrowing.
  • Borrowing and part payment rights will be suspended if instalments are not paid or new fines are accrued in this period.
  • Outstanding charges must be paid in full by the end of the current semester.

Lost items

  • We will check the shelves for six weeks. You may still borrow during this time.
  • If the item is not found we will invoice you for the replacement cost plus a $20 administration fee per item.
  • If you replace the item with a new or good second-hand copy, we will reduce the administration charge.
  • You cannot borrow or renew until outstanding charges are paid or the item is replaced.
  • If you find and return the item before we order a new copy, we will refund the replacement cost but not the administration fee. 

Exam results

It is Swinburne policy that exam results are withheld and students are ineligible to apply for any award from the University while any library item is overdue or fines are outstanding.

Please contact the library immediately if you have any concerns about overdue items or notices you have received.